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Build a router table that stands up to tough use with the Working Class Router Table digital plan. With a good router table, you can do a lot – cut joinery, raise panels, produce moldings, and even edge-joint boards. But, to stand up to repeated use, you’ll want a table that can take anything you throw at it ­–­ and the model you can build with Working Class Router Table digital plan will surely exceed your expectations.

Designed by Marc Adams one of the country’s outstanding woodworking professionals. This router table is the brainchild of Marc Adams who, among his many credits, is a technical consultant to the U.S. government on International Quality of Furniture Making.  He also heads the Marc Adams School of Woodworking (MASW) where this router table was tested for seven years. The verdict? After all those hours of use, it is still accurate and strong.

Best of all, it is inexpensive! Built entirely of medium-density fiberboard (MDF), the Working Class Router Table is heavy, durable, and stable, with a slick surface perfect for routing. The base is solid with two big shelves, and an easy-access switch turns on the router and a shop vacuum at the same time. The tall fence is perfect for attaching featherboards and supporting vertical work.

Perfect for beginners or anyone who wants a super router table. Download your Working Class Router Table digital plan now. Invest some time and a modest sum in materials, and you can build yourself one fine piece of shop equipment - a tool you can count on for years to come. 



28 in. wide by 40 in. long by 44 in. tall 


  • Scale drawings
  • Detailed cutlist
  • SketchUp drawing

Google SketchUp (free download available here)

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Cover 188
Publication Year 2014
Other Formats 11299
Isbn 978-1-63186-149-9
Author Marc Adams
Format Digital Project Plan

Working Class Router Table (Digital Plan)

  • by Marc Adams
  • Digital Project Plan
  • Product Code: TP-FWW61065176
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