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  • Tablesaw Jigs, Tips and Techniques

Make your shop time more efficient, accurate, and safer with Tablesaw Jigs, Tips, and Techniques. The tablesaw is the workhorse of the woodshop as it rips, miters, squares, and much more. And with the addition of simple jigs, your tablesaw can become one of the most versatile machines in the shop. Tablesaw Jigs, Tips, and Techniques gathers the best tablesaw-related articles to answer all of your questions—which to buy, how to hone your skills, stay safe, keep your equipment rust-free and long-lasting, plus all the nitty-gritty tips and tricks in between.

Advance your skills as you learn tips and techniques from the editors and contributors of Fine Woodworking magazine. You’ll find exciting new project articles that put your skills to use. There’s a wealth of information about shopmade add-ons such as outfeed tables, inserts, jigs, sleds, and more that open up smarter and more efficient ways to use your tablesaw.

Put safety first. It’s more than learning precision and skill, it’s about how to use your woodworking tools safely, and these expert articles are focused on that. You’ll learn about things like featherboards and how to use these accessories to keep work pieces on track and your hands out of harm’s way.

Discover how to:

  • •Dust-proof any tablesaw as you learn to enclose the saw, direct the dust, and keep the air clear
  • •Get the most from a miter gauge, a standard tablesaw accessory
  • •Choose smart upgrades such as shopmade inserts for safer, cleaner cuts
  • •Maintain your equipment for greater precision and longevity
  • •Get the perfect cut every time
  • •Choose the right size for you
  • •Make cleaner cuts as you take a closer look at sawblades and go beyond the basic combination blade

Plus, find out the results of new products that our experts shop-tested for you. See which ones protect against rust even better than the old tried-and-true favorites. You might be surprised!


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Publication Year 2014
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Author Publishers of Fine Woodworking
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Pages 124
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All About Featherboards
These safety accessories keep workpieces on track and your hands out of harm's way
Author: Bob Van Dyke

Dust-Proof Any Tablesaw
Enclose the saw, direct the dust, and you'll clear the air
Author: Richard Babbitt

Miter Gauges
Get the most from this standard tablesaw accessory
Author: Steve Latta

Shopmade Inserts
These smart upgrades will reward you with safer, cleaner cuts
Author: Thomas Begnal

Simple Tablesaw Tune-up
Get perfect cuts every time
Author: Asa Christiana

What Size Saw Is Right for You?
The choice depends on the type of work you do
Author: Scott Gibson

Closer Look Sawblades
For cleaner cuts, look beyond the basic combination blade
Author: Tom Walz

Protect Against Rust?
New products thrashed old favorites in our tests
Author: Thomas McKenna

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Tablesaw Jigs, Tips and Techniques

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