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Make a mini-bench with this digital plan and get closer to the action. This time-saving device is easy to build, even for beginners, with the step-by-step instructions in Miniature Bench digital plan. This mini-model sits atop your regular bench, bringing your work up to a comfortable working height, so you can get closer to the task at hand. It’s just what you need for detail work, such as inlays, trimming furniture parts, and intricate carving.

Small in size but strong - with all the features of a full-size bench. Clamped atop a regular workbench, this mini-bench is the perfect length to accommodate most furniture parts. It has a vise on one end and a row of dog holes for holding parts, with plenty of clearance below for clamps. The top rests on two strong I-beam legs, consisting of two posts joined by a beefy 1-1⁄2-in.-thick stretcher. The legs are mounted flush with one side so that you can clamp work to the side of the mini-bench. Each leg assembly is mortised on the flush side so that the mini-bench can be easily clamped to a regular workbench. The leg closest to the vise has a clearance hole for vise hardware.

Clever design of professional cabinetmaker Steve Latta. The miniature bench crafted by Steve is made of cherry, but you can use any hardwood that is wear-resistant and tough enough for benchdogs and hold-downs. Download your digital plan now and build yourself a serious work station that helps you do better work - and do it more comfortably.



9-1/2 in. wide by 42 in. long by 11-7/8 in. tall


  • Scale drawings
  • Detailed cutlist
  • SketchUp drawing

Google SketchUp (free download available here)

Additional Information
Cover 188
Publication Year 2014
Other Formats 11500
Isbn 978-1-63186-148-2
Author Steve Latta
Format Digital Project Plan

Miniature Bench (Digital Plan)

  • by Steve Latta
  • Digital Project Plan
  • Product Code: TP-FWW61065175
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