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  • The Complete Illustrated Guide to Furniture & Cabinet Construction (Hardback)
Expert woodworker and writer Andy Rae takes the construction of furniture and breaks it into components -- from boxes, cases, doors and drawers to shelves and feet. He explains all the techniques used to build them, so you can choose the ones that are best for you. Then he shows you how to put the pieces together to make great furniture.

You'll acquire a working knowledge of woodworking materials, a higher control over your work and tools and an understanding of basic design principles.
•Graphic, step-by-step presentation of key techniques and methods
•Visual maps, cross-references and indexes make information easy to find
•Covers the many woodworking methods and tools available
•Modern, up-to-date coverage of tools and techniques
•Part of a three-volume encyclopedia of woodworking

'After 20 plus years of practicing the craft, I still search daily for new ways of working. Once you discover something that works, call it your own and stand by it.'

– Andy Rae

The Complete Illustrated Guides Introducing a new series of books in the tradition of Tage Frid. All the techniques and processes you need to craft beautiful things from wood are compiled into three comprehensive volumes: The Complete Illustrated Guides. Highly visual and written by woodworking's finest craftsmen, these three titles – Furniture and Cabinet Construction, Shaping Wood and Joinery establish a new standard for shop reference books.
Additional Information
About No
Issue Number No
Cover 132
Publication Year 2001
Photos color photos
Drawings and drawings
Other Formats 77950
Isbn 978-1-56158-402-4
Author Andy Rae
Dimensions 9-1/4 X 10-7/8
Pages 320
Format Hardcover
Toc Introduction

How to Use This Book

Part One Tools and Materials

SECTION 1 Shop Necessities

Shop Space and Fixtures
Mobilize Your Workshop

SECTION 2 Woodworking Machines and Tools

Basic Handheld Power Tools
Favorite Edge Tools
Fundamental Layout Tools
Sharpening Gear

SECTION 3 Working Wood

Buying and Preparing Solid Wood
Flattening a Board by Hand
Smoothing with Edge Tools
Good Sanding Techniques
Keeping Parts Flat
Plywood and Other Man-Made Boards
Mixing Materials
Laying Out and Cutting Plywood
Making Your Mark
Choosing and Using Glue

SECTION 4 Designing Furniture

Understanding Wood Movement

Part Two Box and Case Construction

SECTION 5 Basic Cases

Inside Case Parts
Securing to a Wall

SECTION 6 Shelves

Shelf Joinery
Open Shelves
Shelf Options
Dressing Up a Shelf

SECTION 7 Nails, Screws, and Other Fasteners

Nails and Screws
Hardware Solutions

SECTION 8 Assembling Cases

Clamping Problems

SECTION 9 Cutting and Attaching Moldings

Working with Moldings

SECTION 10 Drawers

Drawer Construction
Tray Construction
Drawer Interiors

SECTION 11 Drawer Hardware

Drawer Slides
Computer Hardware
Drawer Pulls

Part Three Doors

SECTION 12 Building Doors

Doors with Panels
Solid Doors
Glass Lights

SECTION 13 Fitting and Hinging Doors

Installing Basic Hinges
Specialty Hinges
Shopmade Hinges
Hiding Doors

SECTION 14 Door Pulls and Hardware

Pulls and Handles
Catches and Bumpers

Part Four Bases, Feet, and Stands

SECTION 15 Bases

Installing Cabinets


Feet and Casters

SECTION 17 Stands

Making Stands

Part Five Frame Construction

SECTION 18 Legs and Aprons

Strong Joints
Aprons and Rails

SECTION 19 Chairs and Stools

Chair Joints
Chair Backs
Chair Seats
Hitting the Floor

SECTION 20 Face Frames

Making Face Frames
Corner Units

SECTION 21 Frame and Panel

Making Panels
Back Strategies

Part Six Tabletops and Work Surfaces

SECTION 22 Making Tops

Top Construction
Top Options
Leaves and Ends

SECTION 23 Attaching Tops

Allowing for Movement
Hardware Solutions


Further Reading


Making furniture is one of the most satisfying ways to pass time: The schiiick of a plane iron on wood; the dizzying aroma of freshly sawn sugar pine or East Indian rosewood; the endless array of color, texture, and feel of woods from around the world; the tense but joyful final assembly, when all work and toil come together in a conclusive burst of completion. What excitement! This is the fine -- and fun -- art of woodworking. The reward is beautiful furniture.

To experience this excitement, you'll need to have a degree of control over your work and your tools, command a working knowledge of your materials, and understand some basic design principles. Unlike most other crafts, furniture making and cabinetmaking demand vast knowledge -- and attentiveness. You must know what tools and techniques to use and how to arrange the correct sequence, or order, of events when using them. You should listen with attentive ears and eyes to the material you're working and choose wood wisely, allowing for its eccentricities. With its countless pieces and parts, cabinetmaking involves a high level of organization, and organizing your work and your shop space are part and parcel of the craft. By combining all your skills, you can make any type of furniture your dreams conjure up. You're limited only by your imagination. I hope this book will provide you with a starting point for these skills. With practice, many small joys are waiting for you. They're worth seeking.

Above all, be patient. It takes time to master some of the smallest things. There are tricks and shortcuts, of course. They come with experience, and many are shown in the pages ahead. More important is the awareness that comes from trying many approaches and finding one that works for you. In a very real sense, woodworking is a personal journey. That's because there is no right or wrong way of making furniture. What counts is what works. After 20 plus years of practicing the craft, I still search daily for new ways of working. Once you discover something that works, call it your own, and stand by it. You'll have found something that will make your woodworking more pleasurable. And your fine furniture will reflect the results.

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The Complete Illustrated Guide to Furniture & Cabinet Construction (Hardback)

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