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After 25 years of woodworking, John White had yet to find the perfect workbench, so he decided to design his own. Instead of the traditional front and tail vises, this workbench incorporates pipe clamps into the top, the front apron, and the legs, and is designed to hold any size workpiece in the most convenient position for the job at hand. The bench is made of dressed Douglas fir with sacrificial MDF surfaces, and is assembled with drywall screws and lag screws.


28' wide by 96' long by 35 1/2' tall

Scale drawing
Detailed cutlist
SketchUp drawing

  • Google SketchUp (free download available here).
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    Cover 188
    Publication Year 2009
    Other Formats 11265
    Isbn No
    Author John White
    Format Digital Project Plan
    Extra Ever wish you could get a digital project plan that allowed you to customize the design to suit your own needs? Here they are! Digital project plans in SketchUP, the free Google drawing program.

    Are there any other advantages? For starters, you'll get your plan immediately. Your digital plan will consist of drawings in PDF format, with detailed, measured drawings and a cutlist. Full-size drawings are included for critical parts and templates. All of the drawings can be printed on a typical consumer-grade computer printer -- the larger template drawings can be taped together or you can take the file on a disc or flash drive (or email) to a local copy center for printing on Arch D size paper. The projects also have written instructions to guide you through construction process. If you want to modify one of the projects, the SketchUp version of the plan will be perfect for you.

    Available free from Google by clicking here, SketchUp allows you to manipulate the drawing and make as many changes as you like to fit your needs -- or make more substantial changes to the design. You're limited only by your creativity.

    If you need help using SketchUp, visit our blog Design.Click.Build. hosted by Tim Killen and David Richards.

    New-Fangled Workbench (Digital Plan)

    • by John White
    • Digital Project Plan
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