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  • Threads Fitting for Every Figure (Paperback)

Fitting is the most in-demand topic for sewers. Whether you are a home seamstress or a professional designer, knowing how to create garments that fit every figure is essential. With Threads Fitting for Every Figure, the toughest fitting challenges are solved. This comprehensive sewing reference from the editors of Threads covers the basics of pattern fitting and includes easy-to-follow sewing techniques that are the hallmark of Threads magazine, a household name in garment sewing. With material appropriate for all skill levels, this book also offers solutions to intermediate-level fitting quandaries and advanced couture-level fitting techniques.

Featuring 200 color photos and 100 illustrations, these pages cover everything from assessing your figure and working with patterns to fitting the bodice, fitting for pants and skirts, as well as specialty techniques. With more women learning to sew their own clothing and accessories, Threads Fitting for Every Figure is bound to be an instant classic.

Additional Information
About No
Issue Number No
Cover 138
Publication Year 2012
Photos 200
Drawings 100
Other Formats 77606
Isbn 978-1-60085-396-8
Author From the editors of Threads
Dimensions 8 1/2 x 10 7/8
Pages 208
Format Paperback

Fitting Basics
Garments for Fit
The Importance of Ease
The Dress Form
The Pants Form

Working with Patterns and Muslin
Using a Camera to Fit
Making a Muslin

Fitting the Bodice
Fitting the Bust
The Shoulder Slope
Fitting the Armscye
Fitting the Sleeve
Using Ready-to-Wear for Fit
Fitting the Abdomen
Fitting the Back
Fitting the Neckline
Fitting the Bodice with a Muslin
Fitting Knit Tops

Fitting Pants and Skirts
Fitting the Waist and Hip
Fitting a Skirt
Fitting Pants
Better Fit with a Two-Piece Waistband
Fitting Bottoms for Fuller Abdomens
Fitting High Hips or a Swayback
Fitting Wide Hips and Slender Legs
The Pants Pattern
Fitting a Full Seat
Fitting a Flat Seat 1
Drafting a Custom
Pants Pattern

Specialty Fitting Techniques
Draping the Bodice
The Bodice Block
Draping a Skirt Sloper
Copying Existing Garments
Sewing for a Changing Figure
Sewing for a Mature Figure
Fitting Bras
Cloning a Favorite Bra
Fitting Swimsuits

Tools for Fitting and Alteration
Measurement Notes

Intro At Threads magazine, we understand how home sewers strive to create garments that fit. For the past 25 years, we have been engaging our readers in the fitting debate and enlisting the help of top sewing experts and designers. Our staff, too, brings their own point of view, so we test and test and test again the steps for projects, tips, and techniques. After all, we want our readers be the best home sewers they can be.

We understand that not all sewers have the same approach to achieving good fit. Some want to do just what's needed while others want, and are skilled enough, to tackle more involved techniques. And then there are those with advanced skills who will settle for nothing less than a couture fit. No matter what your personal approach might be, there is something for you in our new guide, Threads Fitting for Every Figure.

Our answer to your many fitting queries is the special book you now hold in your hands. You will find a handy reference to the basics of fitting, working with patterns and muslin, fitting the bodice, fitting pants and skirts, and a section on special fitting techniques. Two contributors in particular warrant special mention: Carol Fresia, who took on the task of pulling the book together, and her editor, Judith Neukam, Threads senior technical editor, who made sure that it all made good sense.

We wish you the best of luck in your fitting endeavors and hope you continue the conversation with us at, where we always look forward to your comments and feedback.
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Threads Fitting for Every Figure (Paperback)

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