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  • Installing Kitchen Cabinets Made Simple

A dramatic upgrade doesn’t have to be difficult. Nothing transforms the look and function of prized kitchen space like new cabinets and countertops. Now both are easier than ever to install with detailed guidance from Gregory Paolini’s illustrated book integrated with DVD video. Simply watch this master cabinetmaker execute on video exactly what he’s explaining.

A comprehensive DIY guide. This multimedia approach walks you through drawing out a plan, selecting the right cabinetry and countertop materials, and the important steps of site preparation. There are specific instructions for installing both wall and base cabinets so they are level and square, plus easy ways to finish with perfect side panels and trim around the cabinets. It’s all in here.

Adding value without adding stress. Building beautiful, sturdy face-frame cabinets with frame-and-panel doors is a superb way to add value to a home and convenience to everyday living. The author’s foolproof methods apply to both stock and custom cabinets, giving readers plenty of options -- both high-end and economical -- for updating their kitchens. Clearly labeled photos, helpful sidebars, and “WorkSmart” tips combine to provide a direct path to achieving the look that’s just right.

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About the Author
Gregory Paolini designs and builds furniture and cabinetry from a small shop in the Smokey Mountains, just west of Asheville, North Carolina. He also teaches and writes about the craft an is a frequent contributor to Fine Woodworking magazine.

Additional Information
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Issue Number No
Publication Year 2011
Photos 265
Drawings 1
Other Formats 77871
Isbn 978-1-60085-367-8
Author Gregory Paolini
Dimensions 9 3/16 x 10 7/8
Pages 112
Format Paperback

Chapter 1: Planning your project
Choosing cabinets
Choosing countertops
Designing the kitchen
Appliances and accessories

Chapter 2: Preparing the site
Horizontal reference lines
Vertical reference lines
Laying out cabinets without walls
Locating studs
Finding the highest point with a level
Finding the highest point from a level reference
Using a water level
Laying out horizontal reference lines
Laying out vertical reference lines
Laying out a 3-4-5 triangle
Marking studs

Chapter 3: Preparing cabinets
Staying organized
Removing doors
Removing drawers
Prepping cabinets for installation

Chapter 4: Installing wall cabinets
Attaching the cabinets
Ganging cabinets together
Supporting cabinets
Laying out fasteners
Ganging Euro-style cabinets
Installing ledgers
Installing wall cabinets

Chapter 5: Installing base cabinets
Installation strategy
Dealing with utilities
Freestanding cabinets
Ganging face-frame cabinets
Installing base cabinets
Making square cutouts for utilities
Making round cutouts for utilities
Installing freestanding cabinets

Chapter 6: Installing trim
Trim flanges
Side treatments
Under wall cabinets
Trimming base cabinets
Cabinet tops
Installing a narrow trim flange
Installing a wide trim flange
Installing a finish panel
Installing an applied toe-kick cover

Chapter 7: Installing countertops
Prepping for countertops
Working with post-form countertops
Cutting out for sinks
Installing a post-form counter
Building a laminate countertop
Prepping cabinets for countertop installation
Cutting post-form countertops
Joining mitered corners
Cutting out for a sink
Installing a countertop

Chapter 8: Installing hardware
Reinstalling interior components
Reinstalling and adjusting doors
Knobs and pulls
Adjusting undermount slides
Adjusting Euro-style hinges
Installing knobs and pulls


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Installing Kitchen Cabinets Made Simple

  • by Gregory Paolini
  • Paperback
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