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Building a good foundation is critical to any home. Is it glamorous work? No, but it’s vital as it provides a solid structure upon which all other work rests. Written by seasoned builders from across the country, this revised edition of Foundations & Concrete Work features 15 new articles from Fine Homebuilding magazine, the most respected residential construction magazine in the country. With more than 300 on-the-job photos and drawings, this resource distills decades of hands-on, builder-tested methods and techniques and places them right into your hands. Foundations & Concrete Work, with its fresh new design and completely updated content, will secure its reputation as the most respected, widely followed how-to guide for dedicated pros and passionate amateurs.

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Cover 190
Publication Year 2012
Photos 300
Other Formats 71425
Isbn 978-1-62113-735-1
Author Editors of Fine Homebuilding
Pages 272
Format eBook (PDF)

Part 1: Foundation and Concrete Basics
Understanding Building Loads
Soil: The Other Half of the Foundation
Working with Rebar
Start with Batter Boards
Mix Concrete by the Bag
Avoiding Common Masonry Mistakes
A Solid Deck Begins with Concrete Piers

Part 2: Building Foundations
Pouring Concrete Slabs
Laying Up Concrete Block
Forming and Pouring Footings
Forming and Pouring Foundations
Frost-Protected Shallow Foundations
An Energy-Smart Foundation in Two Days
Building a House of Insulated Concrete Block

Part 3: Waterproofing
Details for a Dry Foundation
Keeping a Basement Dry
Foundation Drainage
Keep Your Basement Dry with a Curtain Drain
Sealing a Crawl Space

Part 4: Retrofits Add-Ons
Retrofitting a Foundation
Replace a Rotten Lally Column
When Block Foundations Go Bad
Protect Your Home with a Basic Seismic Retrofit
The Stay-Dry, No-Mold Finished Basement
A Fast Foundation for an Addition
Footing and Foundation in One Pour
Crack Prevention For an Add-On Slab

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For Pros by Pros: Foundations and Concrete Work (eBook)

  • by Editors of Fine Homebuilding
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