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  • Laying Hardwood Floors

Nothing transforms a room, old or new, like a beautiful wood floor. And with the choice of flooring and rental equipment now available, there's no reason you can't install your own wood floor. In this video, flooring expert Don Bollinger installs oak strip flooring in his own home--complete with uneven floors and walls--showing you step by step how to get professional results safely and efficiently.

By watching Bollinger you'll learn:

  • which types of flooring you can choose from
  • how to remove old flooring and prepare the subfloor
  • how to use power nailers in tight places
  • how to establish a baseline and lay out your floor
  • how to lay flooring around awkward spots like hearths and heating ducts
  • how to allow for seasonal expansion of the floor boards

This tape is the companion to Bollinger's video workshop, Sanding and Finishing Hardwood Floors. In addition, both tapes are paired with Bollinger's book, Hardwood Floors, where you'll find techniques for laying, sanding and finishing a variety of hardwood floors.

Don Bollinger is the owner of The Oak Floors of Greenbank in Seattle, Washington. He teaches workshops for do-it-yourselfers and is a contributor to many magazines, including Fine Homebuilding.

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Laying Hardwood Floors

  • by Don Bollinger
  • DVD
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