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  • Patio & Walkway Ideas that Work

As the line between indoor and outdoor living spaces continues to blur, creating greater fluidity and a feeling of openness, homeowners are eager to tap into the projects that will enrich their lives and beautify their homes. With over 300 fresh ideas covering a range of patio and walkway styles and sizes, plus top-notch design advice, Patio & Walkway Ideas that Work is the most complete and up-to-date patio and walkway design sourcebook. From pergolas to grilling islands, poolside patios to front paths that make a grand statement, readers will delight in having instant access to all the essentials of designing and installing a new patio or walk, as well as accessorizing an existing patio. Patio & Walkway Ideas that Work creates a path to affordable, smart home improvement whether undertaking a project yourself or hiring a contractor.

Patio & Walkway Ideas that Work is the latest book in the popular Ideas That Work series, which includes Outdoor Kitchen Ideas that Work, Bathroom Ideas that Work, Deck Ideas that Work, Kitchen Ideas that Work, and others.

About the Author
Lee Anne White is also the author of Outdoor Kitchen Ideas that Work. She is the editor of Container Garden Idea Book, Front Yard Idea Book, and Landscaping with Roses; the series editor for the Fine Gardening Design Guides; and the former editor of Fine Gardening magazine. White is also a garden photographer and contributed to Patio & Walkway Ideas that Work. She lives in Georgia.

Additional Information
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Cover 138
Publication Year 2012
Photos 310
Drawings 20
Other Formats 77607
Isbn 978-1-60085-483-5
Author Lee Anne White
Dimensions 9 x 10 1/2
Pages 208
Format Paperback

Design for the Way You Live

Designing Patios and Terraces

Patios for Every Purpose

Walls and Shade Structures

Paths and Steps

Outdoor Cooking and Dining

Enhancing Your Outdoor Space



I’ve spent the past 15 years traversing our country--photographing residential gardens and landscape architecture and visiting with homeowners and designers alike. In doing so, I’m constantly inspired by the creativity and ingenuity that go into the design and construction of outdoor spaces. This is especially true when it comes to patios and outdoor rooms. Let’s just say that these aren’t the patios I grew up with (although I have fond memories of time spent in those much simpler spaces, too).

Sometimes, instead of heading back to my hotel room after a photo shoot, I have been invited to stay for dinner or drinks. It has been during these times that I get to see how these outdoor spaces are really used and just how much they are enjoyed. Sometimes, it is clear that great thought has been placed into planning the dinner. Other times, the meals are thrown together at the last minute, and I’ve had the pleasure of helping out by setting the table, keeping an eye on the grill, or pouring the wine. I have cherished these evenings-- for the delicious food, which is often fresh from the garden, for the camaraderie and conversation, and for the chance to relax among new friends. These dinners have outshined even the best of restaurants I’ve had the chance to experience along the way.

The truth is, there is just something magical about cooking, dining, and entertaining outdoors. The food tastes better. The atmosphere is more relaxed. Whether watching the sun set or the stars twinkle, a patio is a great place to unwind. It’s also a great place to start the day with your morning coffee or to take a break at midday, perhaps while your children play in the yard. A comfortable patio is simply a great place to be-- whether you’re spending a few quiet moments alone or visiting with your daughter, an old friend, or a new acquaintance.

Although often overlooked, just as important as the outdoor spaces we enjoy are the pathways that lead to them, as well as to the home and other spaces in the landscape. They are part of the journey and help set the tone for a great experience. Because they are often built at the same time, with many of the same materials and using most of the same basic construction techniques, it makes sense to include them when talking about patios.

In this book, we’ll take a look at what makes patios and pathways comfortable, functional, safe, and inviting. We’ll explore some of the keys to designing great outdoor spaces and showcase innovative ideas for outdoor rooms, outdoor kitchens, poolside patios, and more. And you’ll learn about working collaboratively with design professionals to create the kinds of spaces that suit your unique needs, interests, lifestyle, and budget. The goal is to help you make the best choices for your outdoor space.

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Patio & Walkway Ideas that Work

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