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  • Taunton's Complete Illustrated Guide to Finishing

The art of finishing is best learned with complete, visual step-by-step instructions - and that is exactly what Taunton's Complete Illustrated Guide to Finishing offers you. Detailed process photography demystifies the process of finishing -- and you'll get the finish you want for all your projects.

Jeff Jewitt, a world-renowned wood finisher, provides an in-depth coverage of tools and materials and covers all of the key processes. You'll learn about everything from surface preparation to color matching. Especially valuable is the coverage of advanced and special techniques, not usually covered in general finishing books, including detailed information on adjusting color, disguising defects, toning, glazing, spray finishing and rubbing out a finish. This comprehensive finishing reference is the most complete and detailed book on the subject - and you will find it incredibly valuable no matter what your skill level.

  • Covers all the modern and traditional techniques for coloring and finishing wood.
  • Organized for quick access, makes it easy to find each technique.
  • Features over 850 photos and drawings that illustrate the methods
  • Covers sanding and surface preparation, staining and applying topcoats, and final polishing.
About the author:
Jeff Jewitt runs a finishing and refinishing business in Cleveland, Ohio, and markets his own line of finishing products. He is the author of two previous books: Hand-Applied Finishes (1997) and Great Wood Finishes (1999). He has also appeared in two finishing videos that won the 1997 Golden Hammer Award. A frequent contributor on finishing topics to Fine Woodworking, Jewitt also teaches classes on finishing at woodworking schools and shows.
Additional Information
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Issue Number No
Cover 138
Publication Year 2014
Photos 814
Drawings 33
Other Formats 70712
Isbn 978-1-62710-767-9
Author Jeff Jewitt
Dimensions 9-3/16 x 10-7/8
Pages 304
Format Paperback
Toc Introduction

How to Use This Book


SECTION 1. The Finishing Environment
A Space to Finish
Temperature and Humidity
Heating and Ventilation
Spraying Finishes
Spray Booths
Storing and Dispensing Finishing Products
Holding and Moving Work
Fire and Disposal Safety

SECTION 2. Tools for Surface Preparation

SECTION 3. Finishing Tools
Spray Equipment


SECTION 4. Preparing Flat Surfaces
Flattening by Hand
Power Tool Flattening
Smoothing Veneer
Preparing Edges

SECTION 5. Preparation of Curved and Complex Surfaces
Simple Profiles
Moldings and Carvings
Sanding Moldings
Turnings and Shapes

SECTION 6. Fixing Defects
Preventing Problems
Repairing Damage
Filling Gaps
Knots and Cracks
Disguising Fillers


SECTION 7. Stain Basics and Application
Hand-Applying Stains
Spraying Stains
Dye Concentrates
Specialty Colors
Fixing Stain Problems

SECTION 8. Glazes, Padding Stains, and Toners
Applying Glazes
Padding Stains

SECTION 9. Natural Dyes, Chemical Stains, and Bleaches
Natural Dyes
Chemical Staining
Whitening and Ebonizing

SECTION 10. Controlling Color
Controlling Stain
Unifying Color
Selective Staining
Color Matching


SECTION 11. Filling Pores
Finish as a Filler
Oil-Based Fillers
Water-Based Fillers
Partially Filling Pores

SECTION 12. Sealers
Sealer Basics
Specialty Sealers


SECTION 13. Choosing a Finish
Evaluating a Finish
Brushing Basics
Special Situations

SECTION 14. Reactive Finishes
Oils and Varnish
Conversion Finishes

SECTION 15. Evaporative Finishes

SECTION 16. Water-Based Finishes
Hand Application
Spray Applicatioin

SECTION 17. Rubbing Out Finishes
Rubbing Out by Hand
Rubbing with Power


Intro Finishing. Its the aptly named final detail of making furniture. Finishes not only protect wood from stains, water damage, and other mishaps, they also make it look richer and deeper and add dimension and luster. For me, finishing is the most enjoyable part of working wood, because its where everything comes together. Whether you get a tingly feeling from wiping a coat of oil or shellac on highly figured curly maple or excitement from matching an old finish, you'll find finishing is one of the rewards of making things from wood.

Yet I'll wager that for most of you finishing isnt fun or has been an unpleasant experience. Sadly, most woodworkers find out the hard way that Murphys Law begins with the introduction of a finish to wood. Just think of the phrases used to describe finishing problems: 'fisheye,' 'wrinkling,' 'splotching,' 'bleeding,' or 'orange peel.' You want that on your furniture?

This book will guide you through the finishing process and make it as exciting for you as it is for me. I learned finishing by making mistakes, lots of them, and you probably have neither the time nor the furniture to practice on the way I did. Ill guide you through the tools, the products, and the techniques for gaining control over the process, which is the point at which finishing becomes fun. You wont find a dogmatic style or preachy opinions in these pages; Ill show you proven, classic ways of doing things alongside new techniques using modern materials.

Youll see that almost 30 percent of this book is devoted to surface preparation, techniques not often shown or elaborated on in other finishing books. Proper surface preparation is what makes great finishes heads above others. Then well move on to coloring, which is where most finishing problems arise. A full chapter will be devoted to troubleshooting and overcoming staining problems. From there well look at how to choose a finish by its physics and chemistry, as well as aesthetic qualities. Well finally get to applying clear finishes, and youll learn how to French polish, spray lacquers, and work with water-based products.

Above all, keep an open mind. While there really arent secrets or tricks to finishing, there is practical advice to get you started, so Ill show you as many options as possible to accomplish the same end, whether its staining, filling pores, or applying a finish. Hopefully, some of the techniques may spark an idea of your own to try out. Even after 25 years of putting finishes on wood, Im still learning, so use this book as a reference guide and feel free to experiment a bit and make something your own.
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Taunton's Complete Illustrated Guide to Finishing

  • by Jeff Jewitt
  • Paperback
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