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It’s hard to beat a sprayed finish for quickness and quality. But you need a place to spray where ventilation is not an issue and overspray from your project won’t land on walls, furniture, or cars. This shopmade spray booth is just the ticket. Modeled after a commercial cross-flow model, it’s affordable and convenient, and it will fit in the back of a garage or in your shop. It’s large enough to pull a car inside, or provide storage space for shop machines when it’s not being used. Fresh air enters the front, picks up overspray, and deposits it on a filter as it is pulled through a high-capacity fan at the back. The fan expels the waste air through a flap door in the building.


Size: 150-1/2' long by 108' wide by 100-1/2' high


  • Scale drawings
  • Detailed cutlist
  • SketchUp drawing
Additional Information
Publication Year 2013
Other Formats 11277
Isbn 978-1-62113-791-7
Author Geoff Guzynski
Format Digital Project Plan

Spray Booth (Digital Plan)

  • by Geoff Guzynski
  • Digital Project Plan
  • Product Code: TP-FWW61065144
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