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  • Fine Woodworking Boxes (Digital Edition)

Whether you are just embarking on your woodworking journey or have been making furniture for so many years that your house won’t hold even one more chair, a wooden box is the perfect project. As unassuming as it may seem, a box will give you a chance to learn or perfect almost any woodworking skill you can think of, from perfecting dovetails or miters, to improving bandsaw skills or unlocking the secrets of veneering.  

These small projects don’t require weeks of time and bushels of cash. They can usually be made using shop scraps, and completed in a weekend. Following the tips and techniques provided by our experts, you can make a box of almost any design you desire. Whatever your goal, Fine Woodworking Boxes is the first tool you will need. 

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Publication Year 2022
Format Digital Issue

Fine Woodworking Boxes (Digital Edition)

  • Digital Issue
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