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  • Finishing Wood (eBook PDF)
A BEAUTIFUL FINISH CAN MAKE EVEN A SIMPLE PROJECT LOOK TERRIFIC;  a bad finish can have the opposite effect. This invaluable reference from the editors of Fine Woodworking brings together the latest information on a rich variety of finishing techniques. Nowadays, finishing wood not only embraces fine clear finishes like shellac and wiping varnish but also bright pigmented lacquers, dyes and stains, milk paint, and “crackled” paint. Finishing Wood features a whole section on the hot new trend of coloring wood. Also included is timeless information on preparing a surface before you apply a finish (a critical first step) as well as tried-and-true methods for applying all the traditional finishes, whether by brush, by hand, or by spraying.
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Cover 191
Publication Year 2017
Photos 615
Drawings 5
Isbn 978-1-63186-908-2
Author The Editors of Fine Woodworking
Dimensions No
Pages 224
Format eBook (PDF)
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The Basics
• Why Finish Wood?
• The Language of Finishing
• A Pro’s Secret to a Perfect Finish
• All Finishes Have a Shelf Life
• Brushes for Woodworkers

Sanding and Surface Prep
• Sanding Basics
• Are You Sanding Right?
• Sandpaper: A Closer Look
• Sand between Coats for a Flawless Finish

Applying Finishes
• Easiest Finish? Danish Oil
• Get Better Results with Polyurethane
• Tabletop Finish with a Hand-Rubbed Feel
• Wiping Varnishes, Head to Head
• Wiping Varnish: Th e Only Finish You’ll Ever Need
• Make Shellac Your Go-To Finish
• Fast Shellac Finish
• French Polishing Demystifi ed
• Antique Finish Th at Holds Nothing Back
• Lather Up
• All about Wax

Coloring Wood
• Splash Color on Wood
• Better Th an Paint
• Th e Hows and Whys of Dyes
• Accentuate Carving with Color
• Colorize Your Turnings
• Texture Wood to Highlight the Grain
• Master the Craft of Crackle Paint

• Get Started Spraying
• Spray for Less
• Switch to Spraying Water-Based Finishes
• Don’t Overlook Aerosols

• Revive a Finish
• 6 Finishing Fixes
Intro For many woodworkers, finishing a project is like a journey to a mysterious land, one that’s chock full of pitfalls, magic potions, and looming treachery. But after you’ve spent hours and hours of hard work on your project, the last thing you want to do is fly blind. You need a good map.

Well here it is. Finishing Wood is a collection of the best articles on finishing, taken from the pages of Fine Woodworking magazine. Here you’ll get all the information you need to pick and apply the perfect finish for
your project.

Finishing Wood covers all the bases, from the basics and beyond. Start by understanding the common terms and why wood needs a finish, and learn about all the finishes available—including when they go bad. You’ll
also learn why surface prep is the most important part of the job. After all, a finish is meant to enhance the wood, and it will do the same for any defects left behind.

You’ll get tips and techniques for applying the most common finishes, including shellac, polyurethane, oil, wax—even soap!

Plus you’ll get professional advice on the best ways to color wood. And if you’re looking for ways to finish fast, you’ll find it all in the spraying section of the book, which includes expert buying advice and techniques that will guarantee success.

So don’t fly blindly into your finishing steps. Get all the finishing info you need right here, and complete your masterpiece with the perfect one.

Have fun in the shop!

Tom McKenna
Editorial Director, Fine Woodworking

Finishing Wood (eBook PDF)

  • by The Editors of Fine Woodworking
  • eBook (PDF)
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eBook (PDF)
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