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  • Wooden Puzzles (eBook)

What could be better than a woodworking project that expands your woodworking skills, results in a gallery-worthy project that will bring hours of entertainment, and could even make a dent in your pile of scrap wood? 20 of those projects compiled into one great book. In Wooden Puzzles, master puzzle maker BRIAN MENOLD takes you step-by-step through the construction of 20 ingenious puzzle designs. With plenty of clear photographs and illustrations along the way, you’ll have no problem creating beautiful puzzles of your own no matter what your skill level. The final puzzles range from relatively simple to solve to devilishly difficult so the fun doesn’t end when the projects are complete.

Additional Information
Cover 191
Publication Year 2016
Photos 275
Drawings 30
Isbn 978-1-63186-795-8
Author Brian Menold
Pages 176



Getting Started

            Tools for puzzle making

            Selecting Wood for Your Puzzles

            Jigs for Puzzle Making

The Puzzles

            Before You Begin

            1.  Five-Piece Solid Block

            2.  Little Kenny

            3.  Three-Piece Block

            4.  Convolution

            5.  The Elevator

            6.  Saturno #1

            7.  8 Plaques = Cube

            8.  Knotty 3

            9.  Bedevil

            10.  Twin Pentominoes Into a Light Box

            11.  Caged Knot

            12.  Bundle of Sticks Jr.

            13.  Murbiter’s Cube

            14.  Triumph

            15.  Vega

            16.  Distorted Cube

            17.  Octahedral Cluster

            18.  Peg Pile

            19.  Cruiser

            20.  Tabula Cube

            Taking Your Puzzles to the Next Level


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Wooden Puzzles (eBook)

  • by Brian Menold
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