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  • Wood Identification & Use

More than 200 timber species from around the world are described in detail in this lavishly illustrated, compact edition of Terry Porter's best-selling book. In this indispensable guide to one of the world's most valuable natural resources there are handsome color photographs of each species, and reliable data on working properties, seasoning requirements, typical uses and safety considerations. Inspirational examples of finished work are also shown. A further 200 species are listed in brief, and there is a comprehensive index. Aimed squarely at the individual or small-scale user, whether professional or amateur, the book includes woods used in cabinetmaking, joinery, carpentry, turning, carving and a host of more specialist applications. It covers most species in widespread use, and many less familiar ones which deserve to be better known. This new compact edition of a best-selling reference work, includes the 20 important species added to the revised and expanded edition and a section illustrating the variety of decorative figuring which can be found in many species. There is also valuable information on wood defects and potential health hazards. Specially commissioned drawings of living trees, including details of their leaves, fruit and flowers, add a new dimension to the book and serve to enhance our appreciation of the raw material of woodwork.

Additional Information
About No
Issue Number No
Cover 130
Publication Year 2012
Photos 402
Drawings 223
Isbn 978-1-60085-465-1
Author Terry Porter
Dimensions 6 x 7 7/8
Pages 288
Format Paperback

What is wood?
Forest types
Seasoning and sawing
Figure in wood
Defects in wood
Glossary of wood terminology
Toxic woods

Wood Directory
Introductory note
Woods listed alphabetically by botanical names
Additional woods in brief

About the author
Index of common names
Index of botanical names


Building on the success of the first edition of Wood Identification & Use, GMC Publications Ltd quickly moved onto a revised and expanded edition. It then became apparent that a compact edition would be a useful addition to any woodworker’s workshop. This compact edition still includes the 17 extra wood species described in full, and the introductory section provides an illustrated survey of wood figure and defects together with updated information on the health hazards of working with certain woods. Some background information on several of the most important genera is included, and the text of every entry has been reviewed. We have retained the additional photographs of artifacts made from wood and of course the attractive watercolor illustrations by Ann Biggs, which show the tree, leaf, flower and fruit of most of the species described.

We trust that woodworkers will continue to find the book a useful source of reference and, in addition to that, an interesting read in itself.

Terry Porter
Cambridge, UK, 2011

Wood Identification & Use

  • by Terry Porter
  • Paperback
  • Product Code: TP-FWW71071373
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