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  • Tips for Container Gardening

Truth be told, you can grow almost anything in a pot and you can place those pots anywhere —on a deck, patio or rooftop. That's why so many people love container gardening. It's versatile enough for suburban homeowners with acres of land as well as apartment-dwellers with no patch of ground to call their own. In fact, growing edibles in containers is a perfect way for homeowners and gardeners with limited space to have fresh food in their kitchens. Like each issue of Fine Gardening, this latest collection is brimming with 300 essential tips, savvy shortcuts, and tried-and-true techniques, celebrating the growing popularity of container gardening. Tips for Container Gardening promises to bring out the bountiful best in all containers, large or small.

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Fine Gardening magazine, the most trusted name in gardening, provides design ideas, helpful techniques, and time-tested know-how so you get great results in your garden.

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Cover 138
Publication Year 2011
Photos 200
Drawings 30
Isbn 978-1-60085-340-1
Author Editors and Contributors of Fine Gardening
Dimensions 8 x 10
Pages 208
Format Paperback


Design Principles
In the Landscape
Matching the Pot to the Plant or Place
Designs for the Seasons
Choosing Plants
Drought-Tolerant Plants
Water Gardens

Pots & Planters
Pick a Pot
Not Your Typical Containers
Window Boxes
Hanging Baskets

Planting & Maintenance
Pests & Other Problems

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Containers are the great garden equalizer. No matter where you live, how big your space, or how small your budget, you can do it. Of course, attempting to grow plants in the artificial environment of a pot presents it challenges. These challenges are not new, and other container gardeners out there have struggled with them, too--and succeeded. And if gardeners like to do anything (other than complain about the deer or the weather), it is to share a success story.

That is what the tips in this book are--gardeners from around the country telling you what worked for them. You will hear about ways to reduce watering, improve drainage, and eliminate chores. The tips also tell you how to grow specific plants and which varieties work well together. Think of it as an entire family offering you the advice you need (except in this case, it is easier to ignore it if you want to).

One tip that is not in this book might be something you already know: Once you start gardening in containers, it can be difficult to stop. You will find yourself growing all kinds of plants you wouldn't have normally. A tropical from the Brazilian rainforest? Sure, just bring it inside for the winter. A redwood tree? Make it into a bonsai. You will contemplate turning any random object into a home for plants. An old tuba could work. So could those shoes your son outgrew. Pots can become a passion. And when it does, and others start asking you how you do it, remember to share all these tips that helped you become a successful container gardener.

Tips for Container Gardening

  • by Editors and Contributors of Fine Gardening
  • Paperback
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