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  • The Gardener's Guide to Common-Sense Pest Control (eBook)

'However, unlike many popular books on pest management, this one includes not only directions for managing individual pests, but also pest management theory. It's like the difference between being given a fish and learning to fish.'
- San Francisco Chronicle

'This guide walks you through what you need to know to claim control of your garden without harsh chemicals.'
- Houston Lifestyles & Homes

'This book gives gardeners a logical framework and solid information to help you deal with pests and diseases you will inevitably encounter in your garden.'
- Scott Aker, Horticulturist, The American Gardner 

'The reader learns the right chemicals, microbial, inorganic, organic and botanical tools for each task. The uses and dangers of each method - with an explanation of chemical toxicity levels - are detailed enough for the gardner to make truly informed decisions on pest control.'
- Fort Collins Coloradoan

An indispensible guide every gardener, landscape professional, and small farmer in America should have. Before pests wreak havoc on your property, you’ll want to download the latest revised and completely updated edition of The Gardener’s Guide to Common-Sense Pest Control. It’s your secret weapon for safeguarding ornamentals and edibles.

Identify the problem before it’s too late. This easy-to-use guide walks you through everything you need to know to take control of your plantings without using harsh chemicals. Learn eco-friendly ways to deal with all the pests, insects, and diseases that can afflict tomatoes and vegetable gardens, flowering plants and shrubs, roses, lawns and shade trees.

A thoughtful approach to pest management.  In-depth chapters include an introduction to Integrated Pest Management (IPM), safe and sane weed management, and overall best treatments. Know all the possible solutions to the problem you’re facing, ranging from indirect strategies such as pruning to direct physical and biological controls to least-toxic chemical controls.

Smart strategies to remedy what’s ailing your garden. The trend today is away from strong chemical combatants and toward more natural, or at least, less toxic approaches to a healthy garden. For these eco-friendly gardeners and homeowners, The Gardener’s Guide to Common-Sense Pest Controls provides solutions that deal with immediate problems with fewer unintended consequences that can cause long-lasting damage.

About the Author
Dr. William Olkowski, Sheila Daar, and Helga Olkowski each have over 40 years’ experience designing least-toxic management programs against invertebrate, microbial and vertebrate pests, in a wide range of urban and rural settings. They are founders of the Bio-Integral Resource Center (BIRC) in Berkeley, California, publisher two international periodicals on environmentally sound pest control: The IPM Practitioner and Common Sense Pest Control Quarterly. Steven Ash, with 28 years of IPM experience, is the IPM consultant to the San Francisco Department of Environment, Marin County, and other award-winning IPM Programs on the West Coast, and a member and IPM Instructor for Bay Friendly Landscaping.

Additional Information
Cover 190
Publication Year 2013
Photos 200
Drawings 100
Other Formats 71424
Isbn 978-1-62113-862-4
Author William Olkowski, Sheila Daar, Helga Olkowski, Steven Ash
Pages 400
Format eBook (PDF)



Chapter 1 - Sustainable Landscape Gardening
Chapter 2 - Natural Pest Controls
Chapter 3 - Introduction to Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
Chapter 4 - Pest Treatment Strategies and Tactics
Chapter 5 - Meet 'The Beneficials'
Chapter 6 - Choosing the Right Chemical and Microbial Tools
Chapter 7 - Some Useful Inorganics, Organics, and Botanicals
Chapter 8 - New Frontiers: Microbials, Pheromones, and Insect Growth Regulators

Chapter 9 - Garden Design and Maintenance
Chapter 10 - Meet the Weeds
Chapter 11 - Sade and Sane Weed Management
Chapter 12 - Preventing Lawn Pests
Chapter 13 - Least-Toxic Lawn Pest Management
Chapter 14 - Pests of Food and Ornamental Gardens
Chapter 15 - Pests of Shade Trees


Case Study: San Francisco

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The Gardener's Guide to Common-Sense Pest Control (eBook)

  • by William Olkowski, Sheila Daar, Helga Olkowski, Steven Ash
  • eBook (PDF)
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