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  • The Family Cabin

"The book spotlights 37 old and new cabins across America with gorgeous photography and interesting stories about why and how they were built and who lives there now. Cabins range from simple and cozy to upscale and contemporary. This is the kind of book that makes you sigh with envy." –Jill Sell, The Plain Dealer/Advance Publications

"Starred Review. For readers seeking ideas for an actual cabin or desiring a cabin-like feel in a city dwelling, this book will provide an abundance of inspiration." – Library Journal

"The Family Cabin explores our affection for cabins and their deep connection to family histories." – Darla Worden, Mountain Living

DALE MULFINGER has been building and writing about cabins for more than 20 years and is widely acknowledged as the foremost expert on cabins in North America. In this new collection of 37 cabins and fascinating cabin stories, Mulfinger rekindles his love for this enduring American icon and provides inspiration for anyone dreaming of a peaceful retreat for their own family. Cabins have held a unique place in the lives and lore of many American families since the beginning of the 20th century, and cabin creation continues today with new forms and materials that give shelter at nature’s doorstep. Some of the cabins featured are brand-new, others have been passed down through the generations, but all are places where families come together to relax, to fish, to swim, to sit around the campfire, and best of all to make cabin memories.

“Architect and ‘cabinologist’ Dale Mulfinger possesses an intuitive sense about the deep affection we hold for our cabins. Whether old or new, cottage or camp, these homes away from home are intimate refuges where the family circle expands to include the woods, the lake, the seashore.” — Chris Lee, editor of Midwest Home magazine

About the Author Minnesota architect and renowned "cabinologist" Dale Mulfinger has designed cabins all over North America. Principal emeritus of SALA Architects, he teaches a class on cabin design at the University of Minnesota School of Architecture. Dale is a fellow of the American Institute of Architects and the author of five books, including the best-selling The Cabin and Back to the Cabin, both published by The Taunton Press

Additional Information
Publication Year 2017
Photos 320
Drawings 78
Isbn 978-1-63186-652-4
Author Dale Mulfinger
Dimensions No
Pages 272
Format Hardcover
Toc Introduction History Lessons A Cabin with a History The Camp That Keeps on Growing Peace Cabin Welcoming Cabin Windswept All about the Porch For Everyone a View Family Memories Heavenly Haven Trustworthy In Search of a Mountain Cabin In the Treetops Mother’s Place Nature’s Bounty Island Cabin on Elbow Lake High Country Timber Frame Trout Fishing in Minnesota Escape to Boone Mountain Stealth Cabin A Maine Island Camp
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The Family Cabin

  • by Dale Mulfinger
  • Hardcover
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