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  • Taunton's Complete Illustrated Guide to Tablesaws
From the most basic techniques to the most advanced procedures, here's the ultimate owner's manual for anyone who uses a tablesaw.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced user, you'll find all the valuable tips and step-by-step advice you need to master ripping, crosscutting, joint making, and shaping. All made so much easier to learn -- and put into action -- by over 600 useful photos and illustrations.

With many years of experience as a professional woodworker, and as Tools Editor for a leading woodworking magazine, Paul Anthony delivers a wealth of practical information in the most user-friendly format you'll ever find.

All the tricks of the trade are covered in clear, colorful detail. You'll learn how to:

•Choose the right tablesaw
•Select the proper blade for each procedure
•Cut wood down to size for length and width
•Cut miters for trim
•Create a wide range of joints and decorative effects
•Extend the use of your tablesaw with jigs and fixtures
•Guarantee consistent results with repetitive operations
•Maximize safety with proven tips and inside advice

If you're looking for a single book that delivers everything you need to know about tablesaws, here's a virtual encyclopedia for your reference library -- put together by the consummate professional.
Additional Information
About No
Issue Number No
Cover 138
Publication Year 2009
Photos 619 photographs
Drawings and 34 drawings
Other Formats 77999
Isbn 978-1-60085-011-0
Author Paul Anthony
Dimensions 9 3/16 x 10 7/8
Pages 224
Format Paperback
Toc Introduction

PART ONE - Tools

Section 1. The Nature of the Beast
Types of Saws
Saw Anatomy
Features to Consider
Outfitting Your Shop for a Tablesaw
Buying Used

Section 2. Accessories
Zero-Clearance Insert Plate
Crosscut Sled
Other Accessories

Section 3: Blades and Cutters
Maintaining and Installing Blades

PART TWO - Safety

Section 4. Splitters and Guards

Section 5. Safety Accessories

PART THREE - Tablesaw Tune-Up and Maintenance

Section 6. Tune-Up and Maintenance
Tuning Up

PART FOUR - Basic Operations

Section 7. Ripping
Basic Rips
Advanced Ripping
Ripping Sheet Goods

Section 8. Crosscutting
Basic Crosscutting
Specialty Crosscutting
Cutting Multiples

PART FIVE - Joinery

Section 9. Preparing for Joinery
Planning for Joinery
Jigging Up

Section 10. Making Joints
Rabbets, Dadoes, and Grooves
Finger Joints
Mortise-and-Tenon Joints

PART SIX - Dressing and Shaping Operations

Section 11. Dressing and Shaping on the Tablesaw
Dressing Stock
Cutting Tapers and Shapes
Making Bends
Making Moldings
Cutting Coves
Intro When I began my woodworking career several decades ago, information on the craft was pretty scant. There were few available books on the subject and no woodworking magazines to speak of (if you can imagine that!). Like many other budding woodworkers of the day, I floundered through my self-education, making every mistake imaginable and then some.

Getting my first tablesaw was both exhilarating and daunting. On the one hand, I knew it was my ticket into the world of serious woodworking. On the other hand, well, I wasn't quite sure what to do with it. And you can bet that the sharp spinning blade made me just a bit nervous.

I remember wishing that the saw came with a truly useful owner's manual. I wanted something with lots of pictures and sensible instruction on ripping, crosscutting, joint making, and shaping -- along with plans for cool, useful jigs. I craved information on blades, cutters, and safety. I wanted a shop-shelf reference that I could consult as my woodworking chops improved over time.

What I needed was the book you hold in your hands. These pages are packed with sound, no-nonsense advice for both beginners and experienced tablesaw users. Whether you're searching for a new saw, trying to learn new techniques, puzzling over blade choices, or wondering how to make your saw perform better, you'll find the answers here, along with safety advice and plans for essential jigs. Consider this book a lifelong friend and adviser at the tablesaw. May it help you enjoy your woodworking adventures throughout the years!

Best of luck. Stay safe and stay sharp.
-- Paul Anthony
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