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A great table...and lessons in getting the most out of your lumber. There’s more to making a beautiful piece of furniture than choosing a good design. As much effort needs to go into choosing the right wood and using it successfully. This digital plan, Side Table from a Single Board, is a primer for mastering these skills and more.

Pre-prep work pays big dividends. All the hours you put into designing and finishing a project can be compromised if the piece ends up with mismatched boards and chaotic grain. As you build this side table, you’ll learn how Michael Pekovich avoids these hazards by re-sawing and rough-milling the stock for this  graceful table from one piece of wood. And, along the way, you’ll see how he achieves a contemporary take on a classic leg.

The benefits of using a single board. Since all the parts for this table come from the same board, it’s guaranteed that you can achieve:

  • Good color match throughout the piece
  • Pleasing grain patterns in all the right places
  • Maximum economy from your lumber stash

You’ll never look at wood the same way again. The payoff for the time and effort spent selecting lumber and using it thoughtfully is big. You’ll end up with a nicely matched tabletop, grain that runs seamlessly from apron to apron, and legs defined by tight, straight grain on every face. This technique is a great way to elevate even the simplest project. Plus, the perfect color match is already built into your project.


13 in. deep x 13 in. wide x 26 in. tall


  • Scale drawings
  • Detailed cutlist
  • SketchUp drawing

Google SketchUp (free download available here)

Download your plan today.

Additional Information
Cover 188
Publication Year 2014
Other Formats 061143|011298|067155
Isbn 978-1-63186-146-8
Author Mike Pekovich
Format Digital Project Plan

Side Table from a Single Board (Digital Plan)

  • by Mike Pekovich
  • Digital Project Plan
  • Product Code: TP-FWW61065173
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