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  • Smart Fitting with Kenneth D. King (USB)

Fit any figure, solve any fitting problem
Every body is different and all patterns are not created equal. Fortunately, in Smart Fitting with Kenneth D. King, you can learn the foolproof way to fit any garment. On a convenient USB flash drive that you can reference as you sew, this couture designer and popular instructor demonstrates his breakthrough fitting method of net gain, net loss, and no-net change. He’ll walk you through the steps of fitting connections on a muslin that is then used to adjust the pattern. Anyone who sews can master these logical and straightforward techniques and easily apply them to any garment.

The perfect fit: A to Z
In this 3-video series, Kenneth covers the entire process: the principles of fitting; adjusting the pattern; and fitting the upper and lower torso. His simple approach corrects the original pattern at the source of the problem so that, once translated to the fabric, the resulting garment fits perfectly. No more tugging, adjusting seams or ironing out imperfections.

Learn from the best, to sew your best!
Find the instruction you need for the following topics on this invaluable USB flash drive:
Video #1:
● Reorganizing and reevaluating a good fit
● Underlying principles of a fitting:
Net gain, Net loss, No net change
● Reading the garment
● Transferring to the pattern
● Adjusting the pattern
Video #2:
Fitting the upper torso:
● Bodices
● Sleeves
● Necklines
Adjusting the pattern
Video #3:
Fitting the lower torso:
● Skirts
● Trousers

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Smart Fitting with Kenneth D. King (USB)

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