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  • Smart Tailoring with Kenneth D. King

Kenneth D. King teaches you tailoring the same way professionals learn to do it. If you are serious about becoming adept at tailoring, Smart Tailoring with Kenneth D. King, a 3-DVD set, provides a golden opportunity to become highly proficient very quickly. You will get a rare behind-the-scenes view of how jacket tailoring is taught by a world-class instructor to aspiring designers and workroom professionals.

A complete tailoring workshop that is yours forever! When you purchase Smart Tailoring with Kenneth D. King, it is NOT a one-time deal. You get five hours of one-on-one lessons from a renowned professor of fashion design, learn tailoring in the same way aspiring professionals learn it, and enjoy the option to review any part at any time - all for a lot less than the cost of attending a one-time class.

Compare two tailoring methods – “old school” vs. Kenneth’s “new school.” The advantage of seeing this side-by-side demonstration is that two very different approaches are directly compared: traditional tailoring alongside Kenneth’s streamlined methods. You will learn both methods and choose the one you prefer. Or combine elements of each method to create a hybrid that best suits your needs.

Five hours of instruction from one of the best in the business. This 3-disc set is an exceptional value, with side-by-side demonstrations of both methods, covering all these steps in meticulous detail:

  • Introduction, Materials & Tools
  • Pattern Work
  • Jacket Back
  • Jacket Fronts
  • Body Canvas
  • Body Front
  • Lapel Facings
  • Jacket Body Assembly
  • Hem the Jacket
  • The Lining Unit
  • Installing the Lining
  • The Undercollar
  • The Upper Collar
  • Installing the Collar
  • Sleeve Construction
  • Sleeve Lining
  • Sleeve Cap
  • Setting the Sleeves
  • Installing the Jacket and Sleeve Lining
  • Final Touches

Gain new insights into the fine art of tailoring. Smart Tailoring with Kenneth D. King pulls out all the stops, going into great detail to clearly define the differences between the two methods. You come away with a more complete understanding of tailoring as well as techniques for creating two different jackets: single-breasted and notch lapel styles.

An amazing value ­– and you can enjoy it right in your own home!

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Smart Tailoring with Kenneth D. King

  • DVD
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