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  • Create a Master Skirt Pattern

Create a master skirt pattern and love what happens after: Yes, it’s true. If you’re frustrated by forever adjusting paper patterns whenever you change the waist or length, you’ll love Create a Master Skirt Pattern DVD. Designer Sarah Veblen shows how to avoid these endless changes and still get a great fitting skirt. Her answer: Create a basic garment pattern, called a master pattern, that can be used over and over again on your whole pattern library.

Expert fitting solutions for the lower torso. Create a Master Skirt Pattern walks you through the process of making your own master pattern for a basic, darted straight skirt. Then, you can use this master to quickly and easily sew skirts in a number of different styles. 

A time-saving tool that benefits anyone who sews! Beginners will find this video class highly instructive, helping them avoid typical fitting problems and advance their skills quickly. Intermediate and advanced sewers will love the polished, professional results they can achieve when working with a familiar pattern.

From pattern to muslin to master pattern. A popular instructor, Sarah Veblen walks you through the entire process, offering professional advice and expert tips at every turn. She explains critical steps, from the basics of fitting to draping darts to developing a princess line pattern. Once you know how she creates a master pattern, you can create your own – and wonder how you ever managed without this amazing tool.  

Get a great fit every time!  Working with a master pattern is a great confidence booster because every skirt you sew will look and fit like a million.  Plus, with this DVD you can take this video class on your time, in your own home, and review it, from any point, as often as you like.


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Cover 120
Publication Year 2015
Other Formats 67160
Isbn 978-1-63186-248-9
Author Sarah Veblen
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Format DVD

Chapter 1 _—– The master pattern concept
What is a master pattern?
Understand the grid
Select a pattern

Chapter 2 - Measure the body and select a pattern
Measure the body
Choose the pattern size
Cut the pattern

Chapter 3 _—– Prep the pattern and fabric
Establish the grid
Select the fabric for the first muslin

Chapter 4 _—– Mark and sew the muslin
Cut the pattern
Transfer the marks from pattern to muslin
Pin and sew the muslin

Chapter 5 _—– Fit the skirt muslin
The basics of fitting _—– too tight or too loose
Level the horizontal balance line
Fit the muslin _—– assess the waistline

Chapter 6 _—– All about darts
How darts work
Basic dart draping
Customize the darts for style and proportion
Finish the fitting

Chapter 7 _—– Transfer changes to the pattern (WT)
Mark the muslin and transfer the changes
More transferring work (WT)
Draw the waistline and true the darts

Chapter 8 _—– The second mockup
Fit the second muslin

Chapter 9 _—– Fitting a curvy figure (WT)
Drape the back darts
Drape the front darts

Chapter 10 _—– Develop a princess line skirt
Understand and establish the princess line

Chapter 11 _—– Pattern work for the princess line skirt
Update the master pattern
Develop the back princess line pattern pieces
Develop the front princess line pattern pieces
Fit the princess line muslin
Review the princess line skirts

12 _—– Conclusion
Wearable mockups

Intro No
Minutes 180 Minutes

Create a Master Skirt Pattern

  • by Sarah Veblen
  • DVD
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