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  • Prefabulous
Remember when prefab was frankly considered pretty awful?

Thankfully gone are the days when prefab carried the baggage of cookie-cutter design, poor construction, and the inferiority complex of not being built on site.

Now a prefab home can mean a truly preFABULOUS home - elegant, spacious, customized, built precisely to exact specifications, and complete with many positive 'green' benefits, because prefab can be both kind to the environment and your budget.

This unique new book takes you inside all kinds of sensational prefab homes across the country - big and small, city, country and you the insights to decide if prefab is right for you and guides you on to the next step. Here is a book that will inspire you to make your dream home a reality in ways you might never have dreamed possible.

How Prefabulous will help you think 'outside the box':

The advantages of prefab - strength, accuracy, big savings in time, money, the environment

•The pros and cons of different prefab styles - modular, panelized, log, timber frame, concrete, steel, and hybrid construction - which are right for you?

•Striking full-color photos and floor plans take you inside, outside, and all around dozens of prefab homes - a panelized California contemporary (page 68), a South Carolina modular traditional home (page 46), a cozy Idaho log chalet (page 142)... even a stunning prefab from the architect who designed Bill Gates' 40-000-sq.ft. Xanadu home (page 128)

Building lingo translated into plain English...SIPs, ICFs and CNCs spelled out, Airfloor systems explained, wood terms defined

Resource list of architects, builders, manufacturers, suppliers

Written by Sheri Koones, columnist for Home Resource and Design Magazine and author of three books, including Mainstreet Modular

'Prefab is definitely an idea whose time has come, and this is the book that tells us how to make it happen.' Sarah Susanka, author of The Not So Big House
Additional Information
About No
Issue Number No
Cover 132
Publication Year 2007
Photos 250 full-color photographs and
Drawings 40 drawings
Isbn 978-1-56158-844-2
Author Sheri Koones
Dimensions 9-1/2 x 10
Pages 224
Format Hardcover
Toc Introduction
Intro No


  • by Sheri Koones
  • Hardcover
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