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  • Decks Complete (eBook)

Expert advice for building a deck – and more. If there’s a deck in your future, arm yourself with the trusted advice you’ll find in Decks Complete before you do anything. Designed for homeowners, it’s an easy-to-access, comprehensive, step-by-step reference on deck building.  Written by seasoned pros, it offers authoritative, reliable information that prepares DIYers to tackle any deck project with confidence.

Highly visual. Easy to use. Down to earth. Everything about Decks Complete is keyed to the simple, straightforward information DIYers need to get the job done right. It focuses on the  real-world situations that most homeowners face and is loaded with practical advice, including how to deal with the inevitable things that can go wrong. The format makes it quick and easy to find exactly what you need with:

  • A visual table of contents
  • Clear step-by-step photos 
  • Highly detailed instructions
  • 800 how-to photographs and 25 detailed illustrations

Everything you need to know, from start to finish. This must-have guide covers all the tasks involved with building a deck that you will typically encounter and provides useful tips, tricks, and troubleshooting advice on:

  • Decking materials
  • Designing a deck
  • Footings and framing
  • Building stairs
  • Installing decking, guards and handrails
  • Custom features, finishes and maintenance

Plus, get the lowdown on specific skills required for deck building, including:  Digging a footing, flashing a ledger, attaching posts to beams, and much more. Finally, here is everything you’ve ever want to know about decks, so get your copy before you do anything,


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About the Authors:

Scott Grice specializes in custom residential remodels and is the author of several deck-building articles for Fine Homebuilding magazine.
John Ross owned a finish-carpentry business before joining the Fine Homebuilding staff. He is currently a freelance photographer and video producer for Fine Homebuilding’s Master Carpenter Video series.

Additional Information
Cover 190
Publication Year 2015
Photos 800
Drawings 25
Other Formats 71459
Isbn 978-1-63186-181-9
Author Scott Grice & John Ross
Pages 224
Format eBook (PDF)
Toc 1 Decking Materials
2 Designing A Deck
3 Footings
4 Framing
5 Building Stairs
6 Installing Decking
7 Installing Guards and Handrails
8 Custom Features
9 Finishes and Maintenance
Intro No
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Decks Complete (eBook)

  • by Scott Grice & John Ross
  • eBook (PDF)
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