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  • Smart Sewing Order with Kenneth D. King (USB)

Start sewing smarter!
Kenneth D. King makes it easy in Smart Sewing Order on a USB flash drive. Because, as he knows best, when it comes to garment construction — order is key. In these two companion video workshops, this renowned designer and popular instructor explains why the sewing order for both tops and bottoms is critical to fashioning a successful outfit. He’ll show you how to put together garments in the most effective way, whether it's making all the jacket pockets at once or a clever way to stitch up a pair of jeans. His pro-level techniques will help improve everything you sew.

Like having a couture designer in your home!
Any time you set out to create a garment, you always have questions. Now you can find the answers as you follow along with Kenneth D. King on this handy USB. Learn his designer tips for faster, mistake-proof sewing and polished results. Among his many accomplishments, he’s also a popular professor at The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City and, as you'll see, a wonderfully engaging instructor eager to share his knowledge and experiences with you.

Top to bottom, this USB covers it all!
Take a page from Kenneth's playbook and apply his secrets and shortcuts (that you might never discover on your own) to your own creations. With this USB in your sewing kit, you can review his professional lessons over and over. Now, that is smart sewing!

This two-part Master Class includes:
Smart Sewing Order Tops
● Simple T-shirts
● Center-front blouse
● Classic tailored shirt
● Half-lined jacket
● Fully-lined jacket
Smart Sewing Order Bottoms
● Unlined skirt with waistband
● Lined skirt with faced band
● Gored skirt with contour band
● Pull-on pants
● Basic trousers
● Jeans
● Classic tailored trousers
● Pull-on pants to basic trousers

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Format USB

Smart Sewing Order with Kenneth D. King (USB)

  • USB
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