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  • Insulate and Weatherize

In this updated, complete do-it-yourself guide to home insulation and weatherization, engineer Bruce Harley offers solutions that will make your home more comfortable in all seasons. Using his troubleshooting advice, youll be able to identify the hidden energy wasters and moisture problems that can do serious damage in your home. Clear explanations, hundreds of photos, and detailed illustrations will guide you step by step through the process of upgrading both structures and systems. Implementing even a few of these sensible solutions can result in real savings in your energy bills. 

This book brings you information on: 

  • finding and sealing sources of air leakage
  • choosing the best insulation materials
  • preventing costly moisture damage
  • troubleshooting windows, doors, and skylights
  • maintaining heating and cooling systems
  • using electricity and heating fuel efficiently
  • curing foundation problems

About the author
Bruce Harley is an engineer who has been involved in energy efficiency for the last decade. His field experience includes testing, diagnosis, and remediation of air leakage, duct leakage, airflow, combustion safety, and indoor air quality in residential buildings, as well as efficiency testing and troubleshooting of geothermal heat pumps. He has conducted training in energy-efficient residential construction, building science, mechanical systems, diagnostic techniques, and energy codes for designers, builders, building officials, and tradespeople. He currently lives in Stamford, Vermont, in an energy-efficient solar/electric house, which he designed and built.

Insulate and Weatherize

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