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  • Tiling Complete - 2nd Edition

Get your tile project done right the first time with site-tested advice from the pros. This revised and updated edition of Tiling Complete is filled with trade secrets only a tile pro would know, as well as detailed instructions and over 900 photos and drawings that show every step.

About the Authors:
  • Robin Nicholas has worked as a professional in the tile industry for over two decades mentoring apprentices, serving as a consultant, and installing tile.
  • Michael Schweit has been a licensed tile contractor for more than 30 years. He has installed ceramic and stone tiles on a multitude of custom residential projects and has gained an excellent reputation for executing technically challenging projects and expert troubleshooting.
Additional Information
Cover 138
Publication Year 2018
Photos 875
Drawings 12
Isbn No
Author Robin Nicholas & Michael Schweit
Dimensions No
Pages 272
Format Paperback

Selecting Tile
Types of Tile
Tile Varietals
Standard Ceramic Tile
Terra-Cotta Pavers
Natural Stone
Glass Tile
Setting Face-Mounted Glass Tile
Specialty Tile

Design Options
Decor and Style
Tile Size
Tile Shape and Orientation
Grout Color and Joint Size

Practical Considerations
Practical Considerations

Tools & Techniques
Personal Safety Gear

Preparation & Repair
Demolition Tools
Preparation and Repair Tools

Cutting Tile
Tile-Cutting Tools
Marking Straight Cuts
Marking Diagonal Cuts
Marking Complex Cuts
Cutting with Tile Nippers
Using a Cutting Board
Cutting Trim on a Cutting Board
Through Cuts on a Wet Saw
Cutting Curves
L-Shaped Cuts
U-Shaped Cuts
Small Internal Cuts
Large Internal Cuts
Cutting Glass Tile
Drilling Tile

Setting Tile
Installation Accessories

Grouting & Caulking
Grouting and Caulking Tools

Installation Materials
Membranes & Substances
Antifracture Membranes
Backerboard and Other Substrates

Choosing an Adhesive
Mixing Thinset
Spreading Thinset

Choosing Grout
Sealers & Caulk

Hardware & Trim
Hardware and Tape
Tile Spacers and Wedges
Transition and Edge Trim

Prepping The Site
Protecting the Work Area
Setting Up a Work Space
Protecting Floors
Counters and Backsplashes
Removing a Toilet

Removing Flooring
Removing Carpeting
Removing Baseboards
Removing Hardwood Flooring
Removing Resilient Flooring
Removing a Tile Floor from Concrete
Removing Tile from a Wood Subfloor
Removing Countertops
Removing Laminate-Covered Countertops
Removing Tiled Mortar-Bed Countertops
Removing Tile from a Backsplash

Repairs & Surface Prep
Prepping Concrete Floors
Applying Self-Leveling Compound
Applying an Antifracture Membrane
Installing Schluter-Ditra Membrane
Installing Kerdi Band
Prepping Plywood Subfloors
Prepping Vinyl Flooring
Countertop Repair and Prep
Backsplash Wall Repair and Prep
Flattening the Wall
Installing Backerboard
Cutting Backerboard
Installing Backerboard on Floors
Installing Backerboard on Countertops
Cutting Out for a Sink
Backerboard for an Overmount Sink
Undermount Sink with Quarter-Round Trim
Undermount Sink with Bullnose Trim
Backerboard on Backsplash

Planning & Layout
Methods of Planning Layout

Countertop & Wall Layout
Planning Countertop Layout
Laying Out Edges
Laying Out a Sink Counter
L- and U- Shaped Counters
Backsplash Layout

Patterns & Decorative Tile
Design Options
Decorative Tiles

Floor Layout
Floor Layout
Complex Floors
Layout for Irregular Tiles

Stone Tile Layout
Design Options

Tiling Floors
Tiling a Large Area
Tiling an Entry Area
Tiling a Room
Tiling a Step
Setting Cut Tiles

Setting Special Tiles
Setting Terra-Cotta Pavers
Setting Polished Stone
Avoiding Stone Tile Problems
Large-Format Tiles
Plank Flooring
Heated Floors

Floor Trim
Setting Tile Base and Trim
Installing Edging
Trimming Floor Transitions

Tiling Countertops
Before You Begin

Simple Backsplashes
Backsplash with Surface Bullnose Trim
Backsplash with Quarter-Round Trim

Decorative Backsplashes
Backsplash with Decorative Border
Backsplash with Decos
Glass Mosaic Backsplash

Tiling Wainscoting

Grouting, Caulking & Sealing
Before You Begin
Cleaning The Tile
Cleaning Textured Tile

Basic Grouting
Mixing Grout
Applying Grout
Wipe Down
Joint Shaping
Final Cleanup
Epoxy Grouting

Special Grouting
Counter Edges
Glass Tile
Natural Stone
Porcelain Tile
Decorative Tile
Terra-Cotta Pavers

Applying Caulk
Caulking around Sinks
Expansion Joints in Tile Floors

Sealing Tile and Grout
Sealing Terra-Cotta Pavers
Sealing Natural Stone

Maintenance & Repair
Routine Maintenance

Natural Stone and Terra-Cotta

Tile Repair
Assessing Tile Repairs
Removing Grout
Removing Tile with a Hammer and Chisel
Removing Tile with a Grinder
Setting Replacement Tile
Touching Up Tiles
Tile Repair after Plumbing Valve Change

Grout Repair
Repairing Grout
Replacing Old Grout with Caulk
Dealing with Efflorescence
Resealing Grout
Resealing Natural Stone and Terra-Cotta

Intro No

Tiling Complete - 2nd Edition

  • by Robin Nicholas & Michael Schweit
  • Paperback
  • Product Code: TP-FHB72071683
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