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  • Frame Carpentry (eBook PDF)
The frame is the heart of the house, and building a sturdy, accurate frame is an essential skill for any carpenter. This comprehensive collection from the editors of Fine Homebuilding magazine distills centuries of hands-on builder-tested methods and techniques as the finest builders in the country pass on their hard-won trade secrets for better construction. The book covers the basics of framing floors, wall, and roofs as well as more advanced techniques on framing for energy efficiency and framing with double-stud walls. Whether you are a seasoned builder or a novice carpenter, Frame Carpentry will serve as your definitive guide to framing.
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Cover 191
Publication Year 2019
Isbn No
Author Editors of Fine Homebuilding
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Format eBook (PDF)
Toc Introduction
Part 1
Tools and Materials
Outfitting a Tool Belt
Choosing the Right Framing Nailer
Specialty Levels
The Rich History of Hammer Design
Framing Lumber: Moisture Content, Species, and Grade
Pressure-Treated Lumber: Preservatives and Retention
Wooden Scaffold Planks: Solid-Sawn vs. LVL

Part 2
General Framing
10 Golden Rules of Framing
The Next 10 Rules
Simple Wood Beams
Cutting an Acute Bevel
Wind-Resistant Framing Techniques
High Winds vs. Houses
Framing by Computer Model
Timber-Frame Joinery
The Essential Timber-Frame Joint
Framing with a Crane
Bringing Advanced Framing to Your Job Site
Framing for Efficiency

Part 3
Framing Floors
Exploring the Benefits of Engineered Floor Joists
Building a Hybrid Timber-Frame Floor
Installing a Subfloor
Fast, Accurate Floor Sheathing

Part 4
Framing Walls
Wall Framing
Fast and Accurate Wall Framing
Framing a Gable Wall
Installing a Big Beam The Right Header for Every Wall
Laying Out Stud Walls
Double-Stud Walls
Air-Sealed Mudsill Assembly
Shear Walls
A Slick Approach to Straightening Walls
Bringing Back Balloon-Frame Construction

Part 5
Framing Roofs
Laying Out and Cutting Common Rafters
Perfect Roof Rafters
Building Craftsmen-Style Brackets
Collar and Rafter Ties
Framing an Octagonal Turret Roof
Framing a Classic Shed Dormer
Three Ways to Lay Out an Elliptical Curve
Roof Trusses
Framing Tricky Truss Roofs
Elegant Eaves for a Truss Roof

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Frame Carpentry (eBook PDF)

  • by Editors of Fine Homebuilding
  • eBook (PDF)
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