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  • The Complete Visual Guide to Building A House (eBook)

Today’s most comprehensive course in residential construction. The Complete Visual Guide to Building a House not only lives up to its name, but the detailed illustrations put this reference in a league of its own. It’s your single source for reliable instruction in building a house from foundation to finishing touches - and it’s a beautiful book as well.

An essential reference for builders, carpenters, and homeowners! Find everything you need in one easy-to-navigate guide that covers all the bases:

  • Building the outer structure: foundations; walls; ceilings; raftered and trussed roofs
  • Closing the house to weather: roofing; installing windows, doors, and siding; controlling moisture
  • Finishing the house: wall and floor coverings; hanging interior doors; installing trim and cabinets; building stairs

Expert step-by-step instruction and detailed illustrations. The Compete Visual Guide to Building a House combines the expertise of builder-author John Carroll with over 1,200 full-color drawings by illustrator Chuck Lockhart. Finally, a step-by-step guide that provides a complete course in residential carpentry and construction from two pros who, together, have over 65 years of experience in the building trades. 

Eliminate guesswork and avoid costly missteps. Building a house is a complex and challenging undertaking that requires knowing what needs to be done at every critical step  – and that’s exactly what you will find in The Complete Visual Guide to Building a House. With this guide in hand, you’ll be armed with the right information and clear illustrations whenever you need them.


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Additional Information
Cover 190
Publication Year 2014
Drawings 1,200
Other Formats 71219
Isbn 978-1-62710-608-5
Author John Carroll and Chuck Lockhart
Pages 528
Format eBook (PDF)
Toc Introduction

PART 1: Building the Structure
1. Building Foundations
2. Framing Floors, Walls, and Ceilings
3. Roof Framing I: Raftered Roofs
4. Roof Framing II: Truss Roofs

PART 2: Closing the House to the Weather
5. Roofing the House
6. Installing Windows, Exterior Doors, and Siding
7. Controlling Moisture

Part 3: Finishing the House
8. Installing Wall and Floor Coverings
9. Hanging Doors
10. Installing Trim and Cabinets
11. Building Stairs

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The Complete Visual Guide to Building A House (eBook)

  • by John Carroll and Chuck Lockhart
  • eBook (PDF)
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