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Painting and finishing around the home can be daunting, both from the scale of the work and the bewildering array of finishing options available. But you can save yourself frustration, time, and money with the help of Build Like a Pro: Painting and Finishing. Written by a finishing professional, its an authoritative and practical guide to accomplishing the major finishing tasks around the home.

Dresdner covers both the interior and exterior of the house. Especially valuable is his advice on choosing finishes for special-needs projects like kitchens and bathrooms. You get information on floors, furniture and outside projects such as siding and trim. Youll also discover information on all aspects of preparation and assessment of a job, choosing materials and tools, and application techniques.

Dresdner takes you though each step in the process -- from planning to cleanup -- with detailed step-by-step instructions and hundreds of clear photos and drawings. Youll learn the tricks and shortcuts the pros use to cut those big painting and finishing projects down to size.

This comprehensive guide covers painting and finishing for:
  • kitchens and bathrooms
  • built-Ins and paneling
  • interior doors, molding and trim
  • floors, stairs and balustrades
  • furniture
  • siding and clapboards
  • exterior doors, windows and trim
  • decks, porches and fences
  • patio furniture and ornamentals
Additional Information
Cover 191
Photos color photos
Drawings and drawings
Isbn 978-1-60085-637-2
Author Michael Dresdner
Pages 176
Format eBook (PDF)
Toc Introduction

Start to Finish: The First Steps

Assessing the Job
Choosing a Finish
Gathering the Gear
Preparing the Surface

Kitchens and Bathrooms

Cabinets and Shelves
Countertops and Work Surfaces
Food Contact Surfaces

Built-Ins and Paneling

Stains and Color

Interior Doors and Trim

New and Old Wood Preparation
Stains Under Clear Topcoats
Primed and Painted Trim

Floors, Stairs, and Balustrades

Stripping and Rough Sanding
Filling and Second Sanding
Applying Stain and Finish
Finishing Stairs and Balustrades


Touching Up and Renewing
Stripping Old Finishes
Sanding, Staining, and Sealing
Applying Clear Finishes

Siding and Clapboards

Preparing the Surfaces
Choosing the Finish
Applying the Finish

Windows, Doors, and Trim

Preparing the Surfaces
Selecting Stain and Clear Sealer
Selecting Paint
Applying the Finish

Decks, Porches and Fences

Deck Strategies
Choosing the Right Finish
Applying Finishes
Maintaining Finishes

Patio Furniture and Ornamentals

Clear Finishes
Solid Colors
Painted Gems and Ornamentals



As I was growing up, I watched my dad fix and finish most everything around our house. We weren't well off, so what he did was a necessity, not a hobby. But his workmanship was so exemplary that to me, 'do-it-yourself' came to mean 'do it right.' I also discovered that even though finishing or painting seems confusing when you first approach it, with some clear instructions about what to buy and how to apply it, it's just not that hard. Now, after thirty years as a professional in this field, it is time for me to share what I've learned.

This book is for you, the homeowner who wants to tackle the painting and finishing projects around your house. It's for people of all abilities, and for those with no prior experience. I've set down clear, easy-to-follow instructions on how to paint and finish everything inside and outside your home, from the deck, fences, walls, and patio furniture outside, to the floors, wainscoting, cabinets, and furniture inside. If it is made of wood, this book will show you how to coat it so that it looks great and lasts a long time.

While we're at it, I'll help you cut through the confusing terminology on finish and paint can labels. Instead of being misled by conflicting claims, I'll make sure you know what is on the shelf, what it is used for, and how to apply it. In short, I'll be your guide through this jungle of finishing options.

So take the plunge and tackle that project. I know it seems a bit daunting, but I'll be beside you, in spirit at least, with lots of helpful tips to get you through the sticky parts. In the end, you'll find that the fear of getting started is nothing compared to the ultimate satisfaction of having done it yourself. Give it a try. You'll be amazed at how well you do.

Painting and Finishing (eBook)

  • by Michael Dresdner
  • eBook (PDF)
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