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  • Wiring a House, 5th Edition (eBook)

Updated classic. Wiring a House: 5th Edition, is a must-have reference on home wiring – essential for homeowners, electricians, and apprentices. You'll find all the information is updated to the latest electrical code and contains significant revisions that impact residential work, including:

  • Expanded AFCI and GFCI protection in homes
  • New approaches to ensure the safety of photovoltaic (PV) electrical systems
  • New methods to distribute low voltage power
  • New DC provisions designed to save energy lost in conversion from AC
  • Updated to the 2014 NEC (current through 2017)

Written in plain language. Author Rex Cauldwell shares his wealth of experience in a simple, straightforward manner. He covers all the basics from idiot-proof advice on how to keep track of your tools – cart them in bins in a little red wagon – to the highly technical aspects of wiring, and tried-and-true industry tips.

Current and accurate information. Wiring a House is a comprehensive guide written by a master electrician with over 37 years of experience. An indispensable reference for keeping pros up-to-date, it also provides apprentices and homeowners an accessible reference with the latest information:

  • 350 full-color photographs
  • 120 instructive illustrations
  • Plus information on lighting, inverters, and electrical vehicle chargers.

About the Author A third-generation tradesman, Rex Cauldwell, is a master electrician, master plumber, building inspector, national speaker, expert witness, consultant, creator of Above Code (a method of electrical wiring that overcomes the problems that occur when wiring to code), and a licensed general contractor with over 40 years of experience. He is also the author of Plumbing Complete, Remodel Plumbing, Safe Home Wiring Projects, Inspecting a House, and numerous Fine Homebuilding articles, all published by The Taunton Press.

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Additional Information
Cover 190
Publication Year 2014
Photos 350
Drawings 120
Other Formats 71495
Isbn 978-1-63186-035-5
Author Rex Cauldwell
Pages 368
Format eBook (PDF)
Toc No
Intro No
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Wiring a House, 5th Edition (eBook)

  • by Rex Cauldwell
  • eBook (PDF)
  • Product Code: TP-FHB62077512
eBook (PDF)
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