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The power of SketchUp, now specifically for builders. SketchUp revolutionized 3D content creation by making it easy for anyone to draw and design using this remarkably simple and elegant software. Now we have an exclusive SketchUp instructional video guide created expressly for builders, from the experts at Fine Homebuilding.

SketchUp® Guide for Builders: The Basics is a concise video introduction to SketchUp that gets you up to speed fast. This exclusive version for builders will introduce the basic SketchUp tool sets from a builder's point of view and give you the ability to create visuals and plans of your projects to present to your clients.

Essential lessons and a project to test your skills. Learn how to set up the program, use drawing tools, navigate in a 3-D space, sketch, and refine drawings. You'll get tips, shortcuts, and a handy cheat sheet. Plus, you'll get a practice lesson that shows you how to build a small cabin, starting at the ground and working your way up the building. You'll learn how to draw foundation, floor system, wall framing, roofing (trusses and rafters), and add details such as windows and doors that give the best presentation of your project.

Perfect for any skill level _—– even complete beginners. And if you already know a little about SketchUp you'll see your abilities grow exponentially because SketchUp® Guide for Builders: The Basics is an easy-to-skim instructional video that lets you focus on what's new to you. Order your copy today and see how much more you can do!

About the Author Dale Stephens has 30 years of experience in the Design/Build field, but it was his education in Art that led him to pursue his current specialty of Architectural Visualization using SketchUp. He lives in the Canadian Rockies.

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Isbn 978-1-62113-807-5
Author Dale Stephens
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SketchUp® Guide for Builders: The Basics (DVD)

  • by Dale Stephens
  • DVD
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