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Build Energy Star efficiency into your home. The key to building an Energy Star home is the 'Thermal Bypass Checklist' -- a listing of all major air leaks and critical spots builders where often omit insulation. And, now you can take your first step toward green building certification -- or simply a more energy-efficient home -- with this set of 50 construction details.

Two convenient formats -- two great ways they work for you. Available in two popular formats -- pdf and dwg -- these details can be quickly printed and handed out to workers on your jobsite. Or, open them in CAD software and easily incorporate them into your blueprints.

Complete to the smallest detail. This comprehensive set features everything you need to build a better-performing home. You'll find 50 details, including critical areas between conditioned and unconditioned spaces -- like stairways into the attic, skylight shafts, dropped soffits, whole-house fan shafts, and more. You'll also find a 'Tip Sheet' featuring a short overview article, Builder Tips, Design Notes and Code issues, plus links to further reading.

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Publication Year 2010
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Format Digital Project Plan

Energy Star Checklist Construction Detail Package (Digital Project Plan)

  • Digital Project Plan
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