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  • Building An Affordable House
If you are a builder, developer, or homeowner intent on getting the most from your new home construction or remodel budget, you need Building An Affordable House. This book gives you the insider techniques used every day by the best homebuilders in the country to save thousands of dollars on the cost of every home they build.

Building An Affordable House will help you:
  • Add curb appeal on a budget
  • Cut costs and keep quality
  • Build savings into blueprints
  • Learn secrets of reducing material costs
  • Get subs on board from the get-go
About the author
Fernando Pags Ruiz is a builder with nearly 30 years experience designing and building high-quality, affordable homes. He is a regular contributor to Fine Homebuilding magazine and hosts a weekly radio show on home building and maintenance issues.
Additional Information
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Issue Number No
Cover 138
Publication Year 2005
Photos color photos
Drawings and drawings
Isbn 978-1-56158-596-0
Author Fernando Pages Ruiz
Dimensions 9 x 10-7/8
Pages 208
Format Paperback
Toc Foreword

How to Use This Book

1. Money Matters

A Hard-Dollar Cost Approach
The Affordability Equation
Achieving Blueprint Democracy
Every House Can Be Built Better
Great Expectations

2. Design
Building a Better Box
Using a Modular Planning Grid
Inner Space
Lot Basics
The Language of Affordability

3. Foundations
Concrete Is the Traditional Choice
A Soils Test Is a Good Investment
Concrete: More than the Basics
Do You Really Need a Footing?
Consider Alternatives to Conventional Foundations
Slab-on-Grade Foundations Are Affordable
Sealing Foundation Walls

4. Framing
Optimum Value Engineered Framing
Building Walls the New Way
Prefabrication Is the Future
Alternatives to Wood Walls
Floor Framing
Girders, Beams, and Posts
Installing Subfloors
Engineered Floor Systems
Framing the Roof
Installing Framing Connectors

5. Plumbing: Less May Be Better
Smart Layout Cuts Costs
Rethinking Supply Lines
Choosing Drain, Waste, and Vent Lines
Saving with Stainless Steel Gas Tubing
Shopping for Fixtures

6. Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning
Take an Active Role in Planning
Selecting the Right Equipment
Sizing Equipment for the House
Planning the Network of Ducts
Fresh Air Is Important, Too

7. Wiring and Light Fixtures
Fine-Tuning the Site Plan
Devising a Smart Floor Plan
Reducing Lights and Switches
Choose Wire Gauge Carefully
Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupters
Consider Aluminum Wire
Recessed Fixtures Save Money

8. Insulation
Making the Building Tight
Plug the Small Gaps, Too
The Airtight Drywall Approach
Choosing the Right Insulation

9. Windows, Doors, Driveways, and Walks
Pitched Roofs Are Better
For Siding, No Maintenance Is Best
Economizing with Doors and Windows
For Walks and Driveways, Skip the Concrete

10. Interior Finish
Design One Detail at a Time
Making the Most of Drywall
Choose Paint Carefully
Installing Interior Trim and Millwork
Saving in the Kitchen
Flooring Makes a First Impression



Intro How to use this book

If you want to know everything about using a high-value, low-cost approach to home building and remodeling, read this book from cover to cover. Or, if you prefer, skip around and read only the sections that apply to your specific project. Read the first two chapters thoroughly, because they provide an overview of the opportunities available for taking charge of construction expenses. The succeeding six chapters detail how its done, trade by trade, and chapters nine and ten cover finishing details on the exterior and interior of your home.

The approach described here does not require sweat equity, purchasing schemes, or unproven technologies. Its a hard-dollar-cost, hard-nosed approach to saving money through knowledge. This is a book about empowerment that gives you the information you need to control every expense. If your home-building or remodeling contractor hasnt read this book, its going to cost you thousands. One excellent way to save money is to have each trade read their corresponding chapter and then apply what theyve learned to your home. I use every technique in this book, and Ive never met a builder who could build better for less. Except, that is, until you.

Building An Affordable House

  • by Fernando Pages Ruiz
  • Paperback
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