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  • Energy-Efficient Building

Energy-efficient homes aren't just more economical, they're also more comfortable. This collection of 29 articles from Fine Homebuilding magazine will teach you how to make your home more energy efficient with information on materials and techniques that can make a difference in how much energy is required to make your home comfortable.

You'll learn how to:

  • test a house for air leaks
  • choose the right windows for your home
  • build an efficient fireplace
  • retrofit a threshold to provide extra weather protection
  • fix a cold, drafty house by sealing and insulating the attic
  • prevent ice dams with proper insulation and roof ventilation

Additional Information
About No
Issue Number No
Cover 138
Publication Year 1999
Photos color
Drawings and drawings
Isbn 978-1-56158-340-9
Author From the editors of Fine Homebuilding
Dimensions 9 x 12
Pages 160
Format Paperback
Toc Introduction

1 Testing Homes for Air Leaks

2 Understanding Common Moisture Problems

3 Fixing a Cold, Drafty House

4 Insulation Comes of Age

5 Preventing Ice Dams

6 Energy-Saving Details

7 A Rumford Fireplace, Southwestern Style

8 Sunspace House

9 A Primer on Heating Systems

10 Choosing Ductwork

11 Taking a Look at Windows

12 Building a 'Green' House

13 Retrofitting a Threshold

14 Venting a Traditional Eave

15 Understanding Energy-Efficient Windows

16 Building a Straw-Bale House

17 Shedding Light on Skylights

18 Frost-Protected Shallow Foundations

19 Wall Sheathing Choices

20 Making Storm Windows

21 Sizing Up Housewraps

22 Installing Housewrap

23 Hydronic Radiant-Floor Heating

24 Mixing Forced-Air and Boiler Heat

25 Framing Corners

26 Building an Efficient Fireplace

27 High Efficiency at Low Cost

28 A Solar House in a Cold Climate

29 Cozy in Any Weather

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Energy-Efficient Building

  • by From the editors of Fine Homebuilding
  • Paperback
  • Product Code: TP-FHB72070467
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