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  • Bathroom Upgrades (Paperback)

Create your dream bathroom. Here’s your guide: Bathroom Upgrades, from the editors of Fine Homebuilding, provides all the advice you need to remodel a bathroom of any size or shape, on any budget.

This completely new edition takes you through every step of the process. It covers how to:

  • Choose the best materials for your bathroom
  • Design for optimal storage
  • Create a room that gets the best daylight
  • Tile a tub surround
  • Build a floating vanity
  • Install a toilet, and more

In Bathroom Upgrades you’ll find the advice you need for even the trickiest of situations, such as how to fix a failing bathroom floor or how to update your bathroom for accessibility. With the site-tested tips and techniques that Fine Homebuilding is known for, Bathroom Upgrades will help you get the bathroom you’ve always dreamed of.

This collection of bathroom projects, design and product advice, and real-world remodels is a must-have book for pros and passionate amateurs. Order your copy today!

About the editors:
All contributing authors are seasoned professionals whose articles have appeared in Fine Homebuilding magazine. Since 1981 Fine Homebuilding has been providing information and inspiration to everyone who cares about quality home improvement and construction. The magazine is the best source of home improvement information and helps readers build projects better, faster, and more efficiently.

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Publication Year 2016
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Author Editors of Fine Homebuilding
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Pages 224



  • - Bathroom Sightlines for Privacy and Grace
  • - Remodel a Bath for Accessibility
  • - Better Bathroom Storage
  • - Invisible Ventilation for a Better Bath
  • - Finishes for a Master Bath
  • - Light a Bathroom Right
  • - How to Daylight a Bathroom


  • - Low Flow
  • - Bath Sinks with Style and Sense
  • - Seven Basic Styles of Bathroom Sink
  • - Tubs for Small Spaces
  • - Freestanding Tubs
  • - The Basics of Bath Fans
  • - Tile Backerboard Options
  • - Miles of Tiles
  • - Smart Choices in Bathroom Flooring
  • - Linear Drains for Custom Showers

    PART 3: HOW TO

    • - Install a Toilet
    • - Trouble-Free Toilets
    • - Cut a Laminate Countertop for a Sink
    • - Build a Floating Vanity
    • - A New Approach to Concrete Countertops
    • - Build Your Own Bathroom Vanity
    • - Perfecting the Tiled Tub Surround
    • - Old-School Path to a Wide-Open Bath
    • - Fix a Failing Bathroom Floor
    • - 14 Tips for Bathroom Plumbing


      • - A Bathroom Where East Meets West
      • - A Half-Bath, Fulfilled
      • - Two Rugged Baths
      • - The Stay-at-Home Spa
      • - A Porch Becomes a Bath
      • - Half-Baths Full of Function
      • - Bed, Bath, and Beyond
      • - Bathroom Reborn
      • - Tailoring a Full Bath for Empty Nesters
      • - Two Baths for a Vintage Home
      • - Small-Bath Serenity
      • - A Master Bath Carved Out of Closet Space
      • - Steam Spa
      • - A Three-Quarter Bath in Half the Space


When you compare the square-foot costs of all the spaces in your home, the bathrooms are very likely at the upper end of the cost scale. The fixtures, finishes, cabinetry, and materials used to construct a beautiful and durable bath are inherently expensive. A truly custom bathroom— one that is tailored to the rhythms of your life and outfitted with all of the fixtures and finishes you’ve been dreaming about—can very quickly and very easily overwhelm your remodeling budget. It’s important to keep those costs in check, and you’ll certainly have to make compromises on some aspects of your bathroom design. One area where you can’t afford to compromise is the planning of your new space. Wandering into a remodeling project like this without a comprehensive plan is asking for trouble.

It’s easy to get lost in the aesthetic options when setting out to upgrade a bathroom. But don’t forget that where you place the outlets is just as important as selecting the type and color of the vanity top. Truly successful design is rooted in logic through and through. That perspective has driven the collection of information in this book. Here, we outline strategies for planning the most comfortable and functional bathrooms possible, we shed light on the latest material options on the market, and we identify what to consider when choosing products for your new bathroom. Above all, we arm you with the information you need to execute the remodel yourself. Not only does this afford you the opportunity to remodel a bathroom that’s truly all your own, but it allows you to take the savings in labor and apply them to the finishes that make for a standout bathroom. If you look to this book as the first step in your design process—which I encourage you to do—you can feel confident that a solid plan will emerge. You can then begin demolition on your bathroom, knowing that success is not too far away.

Rob Yagid, Editor, Fine Homebuilding

Bathroom Upgrades (Paperback)

  • by Editors of Fine Homebuilding
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