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  • The Why and How of Woodworking

In The Why & How of Woodworking, author and Fine Woodworking magazine’s art director Michael Pekovich explains how to create furniture and other pieces that are meaningful, purposeful, and beautiful. A book like no other, The Why & How of Woodworking is about taking a simple approach to making furniture, with the acknowledgment that the basics are enough—that what you’re making is well suited to its function, pleasing to the eye, and built to last.

Mike’s compelling philosophy is as rare today as well-crafted work. But it’s not just his outstanding craftsmanship that resonates with his 152,000 Instagram followers. Mike is a thoughtful teacher who communicates why he loves woodworking and why you should, too.

Three introductory chapters dive deep into the fundamentals of woodworking— covering everything from choosing lumber to creating striking designs to essential hand tool skills—before transitioning into five project sections—on cabinets, boxes, chests, casework, and tables. Throughout the projects, with their step-by-step instruction and guidance, Mike provides inspiration and design advice to help woodworkers and furniture makers develop their own style as they create work that is meaningful to them.

What People Are Saying -

“Like the furniture Michael Pekovich builds, his book is disarmingly beautiful and unfailingly useful. It brims with essential information for the designer and maker of furniture, all of it lucidly explained and illustrated. Pekovich is the best kind of teacher—one who has never stopped learning himself. His book will be an enduring wellspring of inspiration—for its furniture, its photographs, and for the generous spirit of its writing.” –Jonathan Binzen, Deputy Editor of Fine Woodworking

“It’s no surprise that the art director of Fine Woodworking should turn in such a beautifully rendered package, but the wisdom Mike Pekovich imparts herein might just unexpectedly delight you….He delivers the secrets of woodworking alchemy: keep it simple, sharpen, sharpen again, and value your mistakes.” –Nick Offerman, comedian, actor, woodworker, and author of Good Clean Fun

“Mike Pekovich has done a gentle and beautiful job of explaining his approach to being in the shop and to becoming a furniture maker….Everyone can learn from his experience.” –Gary Rogowski, author of Handmade, Creative Focus in the Age of Distraction


Michael Pekovich’s approach to designing and building furniture, as well as life in general, is that simple is usually better. A furniture maker, photographer, writer, teacher, and graphic designer, he puts his talents to use as the creative director at Fine Woodworking. Mike shares a small home in the woods of Connecticut with his wife, two children, and a cat.
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Publication Year 2018
Photos 376
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Isbn 978-1-63186-927-3
Author Michael Pekovich
Dimensions No
Pages 224
Format Hardcover
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The Why and How of Woodworking

  • by Michael Pekovich
  • Hardcover
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