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  • Fine Gardening Beds & Borders

Inspiration you can act on! Fine Gardening Beds and Borders is not your average garden design book. While its 300-plus photographs promise to delight you, it delivers a lot more than eye candy. Here you’ll also learn the how and the why behind these stunning garden designs.

Solid advice from America’s trusted gardening magazine. This collection of 250 design ideas, tips, and techniques was selected by a team of editors from the most popular features in our award-winning magazine. You’ll learn how to add color and texture, pop and pizzazz to the landscape without breaking the bank.

How to make the most of what you have. Fine Gardening Beds and Borders shows how to shape your lawn to fit your landscape, create eye-catching plantings even in shade, and cut down on expensive maintenance without sacrificing the alluring curb appeal you want and your home deserves.

The answers every home gardener needs. This comprehensive guide can help you with all your planting needs, whether it’s advice on deer-resistant plants, the right shrubs for poolside plantings, or plantings for a mailbox. Fine Gardening Beds and Borders will inspire you with what’s possible and deliver the sound advice to help you realize your dreams.

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About No
Issue Number No
Cover 138
Publication Year 2013
Photos 325
Drawings 30
Other Formats 77624
Isbn 978-1-60085-822-2
Author editors of Fine Gardening
Dimensions 8 1/2 x 10 7/8
Pages 224
Format Paperback

Make the Most of What You've Got
Create Unity in the Garden
Spontaneous Design
Mass Plantings Make a Bold Statement
Weave a Garden with Geometry and Color
Love Your Shade
How to Reduce Maintenance
Perfect Edges
Four Ways to Remove Sod
Build a Bed without Breaking Your Back
Remake a Bed

Simple Fixes Can Make a Big Difference
Perennials for the Edge
Gordon Hayward's Tips for Shaping the Lawn to Fit the Garden
Mix It Up with See-Through Plants
Create a Great First Impression
Stand Out without Sticking Out
Streetwise Plantings
Andrew Schulman's Mailbox Garden Design Tips

A No-Nonsense Approach to Design
Design a Border with Strong Plant Shapes
The Long Border
Good Looks Begin at the Edge
Andrew Schulman's Tips for Driveway Strips
The Best Plants for Sunny Borders
A Border with a Tropical Punch
A Border That Pleases All Summer Long
Stephen Gabor's Spectacular Poolside Planting Tips
Jazz Up a Border with Shrubs
A Focus on Trees and Shrubs
Tuck a Bog into a Border

Play with Color and Form
Plants and a Pathway Control the View
Blur the Line between Garden and Woods
Color Makes a Planting Come Together
Fabulous Foliage Lights Up the Shade
An Exciting Bed for a High-Profile Area
A Deer-Resistant Bed That Shines in Fall and Winter
An Asian Garden That Flaunts Some Fancy Shrubs
A Fantastic Fall Planting That's Drought Tolerant Too
A Purposeful Poolside Planting

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I will always remember the first border I ever created. It was about 10 ft. long and about 2 ft. deep, but I cut an edge for it that looked like it was done by a chipmunk who'd had a few espressos. It went in and out, zigged then zagged, and curled back in on itself before exploding out again in another arc. All this was, as I said, over the course of about 10 ft. I had read that curves made beds and borders more interesting, and that was what I was going for. I thought my edge was the coolest thing around-- until I tried to mow along it.

The overall silliness of my edge dawned on me gradually. And while the advice about curves and interest is sound, it isn't the only way to approach shaping a bed or border. As you read this book, you will get plenty of advice from experts; some of it will apply to you, some won't. But you should still pay attention to the parts you think you can skip. There are principles there that still apply to the successful creation of beds and borders. So read, plan, and plant-- just take it easy on the curves.

Steve Aitken, Editor, Fine Gardening

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