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  • Deck Ideas that Work

With proper planning and design, a deck can add a new dimension of living space to a home. Not only is it an enjoyable outdoor retreat and expanded entertainment area for family and friends, but it’s also a great return on a home investment. For homeowners building new decks or upgrading existing ones, or for builders and remodeling contractors looking for new ideas for their clients, this most complete and up-to-date book is packed with over 300 inspiring photographs along with hundreds of design solutions and top-notch advice to help inform smart decisions. Chapters focus on a wide range of deck sizes, styles, and materials, as well as furniture, accessories, and landscaping ideas. In addition, practical sidebars and case studies will help anyone plan just the right deck to suit their home, yard, and lifestyle.

About the Author
PETER JESWALD has over 30 years of experience as a builder and designer, and is the author of many popular Taunton titles: Build Like a Pro: Patios & Walkways, Patios & Walkways Idea Book, and Basement Ideas that Work. He lives in Conway, Massachusetts

Additional Information
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Issue Number No
Cover 138
Publication Year 2012
Photos 310
Drawings 25
Isbn 978-1-60085-372-2
Author Peter Jeswald
Dimensions 9 x 10 1/2
Pages 208
Format Paperback

Envisioning Your Deck
Make a Wish List
Dining and Cooking
Putting It All Together
A Cool Place to Entertain
Hot Tubs and Pools
Putting It All Together
Hot-Tub Heaven
Home Entry
Putting It All Together
Multiple Decks, Multiple Uses

Types of Deck
Identifying Decks by Structure
Putting It All Together
A Family-Friendly Design
Putting It All Together
A Perfectly Paired Deck and Patio
Putting It All Together
Growing Up, Looking Out

Planning Your Deck
The Importance of Planning
Selecting a Location
Types of Doors
Putting It All Together
New Doors of Opportunity
Putting It All Together
All-Access Deck
Putting It All Together
A Deck with a Panoramic View
Types of Overhead Structures
Putting It All Together
A Deck for Sun, Shade, and Shelter 9
Size and Shape
Putting It All Together
Creating an Outdoor Room
Style and Color
Types of Light Bulbs

Elements of a Deck
Framing Components
Putting It All Together
Framed for Function and Beauty
Putting It All Together
A Subtle Definition of Space
Types of Wood Decking
Types of Synthetic Decking
Types of Decking Alternatives
Decking Fasteners
Types of Railings

Outfitting Your Deck
Types of Outdoor Furniture
Outdoor Electronics
Outdoor Heaters
Types of Outdoor Heaters
Water Features
Decorating with Plants
Putting It All Together
Home outside the Home


Every year across the country, millions of homeowners share something in common-- they add a deck to their home. The number of decks built each year-- approximately
3 million-- is astounding, particularly when you consider that decks are a relatively new component of the American home. As late as the 1950s, few homes sported decks. However, as the American lifestyle became more informal, flat building lots became less available, and people’s desire to spend more time outdoors increased, residential decks found their place in the sun. In fact, of all the spaces in their homes, many homeowners name the deck as their favorite. In warmer climates, decks might even be the most frequently inhabited area of the home.

In retrospect, it’s easy to see why decks became such a popular way to add living space. Because they are constructed outside, building a deck causes minimal disruptions in day-to-day living. Decks can be faster and cheaper to build than hand-laid patios and on steeply sloping sites may be the only reasonable option for creating outdoor living space.
However, perhaps because they are so common, decks can be taken for granted. All too often decks appear to be a mere afterthought, something that’s mindlessly tacked on to the back of a house. But because they are important living spaces, decks deserve the time and thoughtful attention you would give to planning an interior space such as a kitchen or bathroom. That’s where Deck Ideas That Work can help. It provides you with the important information you need and inspirational examples to get your juices flowing to help you create a deck that exceeds your dreams.

Filled with photographs of beautiful, functional decks,Deck Ideas That Work begins by introducing you to the most popular uses for decks to get you thinking about what you ultimately want from your outdoor space. Then you’ll explore the types of decks you might build to suit those uses as well as fit with your home and landscape. Naturally, the necessary steps to successfully plan your deck are laid out. Equally important to proper planning is detailed information about the various materials and components-- decking, railings, stairs, fasteners-- that comprise a properly designed and well-built deck. Deck Ideas That Work ends with a chapter on how to outfit your deck with furniture, decor, and accessories for maximum enjoyment.

Keep in mind that nuggets of information can be found throughout, so be sure to read through the entire book, even if a section or type of deck doesn’t appeal to you. Whether you’d like somewhere to cook outdoors, a place for dining under the sun, a spot to soak in a hot tub under the stars, or a quiet outdoor retreat, you’ll find a deck that fits you, your lifestyle, and your home perfectly.

Deck Ideas that Work

  • by Peter Jeswald
  • Paperback
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