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  • Fine Gardening Guide to Pruning (Digital Issue)

To prune or not to prune - that is the question. But, it’s just the first. Next on the list: when to prune and how to prune! The specifics of pruning are enough to stump the most knowledgeable gardener when you consider all the variables: Deciduous shrubs vs evergreens, or plants like conifers that resent pruning. And who is brave enough to take the pruners to a prized Japanese maple! Now, the answers are just seconds away in – a handy PDF with how-to video from Fine Gardening.

Expert help for proper shaping and trimming. This collection of best pruning practices comes directly from the pages of Fine Gardening, beginning with a quick IQ test to help you gauge your skills and ending with helpful “fixes” for when things go awry. In between, you’ll enjoy 50 lesson-packed minutes that demonstrate the specific techniques for pruning many of the most commonly used landscape plants, including:

  • shrub and climbing roses
  • hydrangeas
  • rhododendrons
  • conifers
  • crape myrtles
  • lilacs and more

Don’t take chances...know exactly how and when to prune. Pruning done improperly or at the wrong time can cause irreparable damage to valuable specimen plants. So, you really can’t afford to guess, and now you don’t need to. Our Guide to Pruning makes it quick and easy to get all the information you need when you need it.

Download your copy now.

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Cover 184
Publication Year 2014
Author Editors of Fine Gardening
Dimensions No
Pages 7 videos (50 min runtime)
Format eBook (PDF) + Video
Toc No

Fine Gardening Guide to Pruning (Digital Issue)

  • by Editors of Fine Gardening
  • eBook (PDF) + Video
  • Product Code: TP-FGN40065636
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