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Woodworking finishes can make a good project great. Spray Finishing offers professional results far superior to brushing or other hand-applied methods. Now that home woodworkers have access to the specialized tools and finishing products that were once used only by professional finishers, all they need is direction.

Enter Jeff Jewitt, a well-known authority on finishing who combines his vast knowledge of the subject with the latest technology to produce this integrated book and DVD set, the first in Taunton's 'Woodworking Made Simple' series. Jewitt explains how to choose equipment and demystifies the spray-finishing process.

Through this unique multimedia approach, which includes detailed step-by-step instructions, photos, and how-to video, readers learn where to safely spray finishes and how to troubleshoot and solve spray-finishing problems. Both the book and DVD cover a variety of spray systems, solvents, and waterborne finishing products.

About the Author
Jeff Jewitt has written three Taunton Press books on finishing, including Great Wood Finishes and The Complete Illustrated Guide to Finishing. He has appeared in two award-winning finishing videos. Jewitt runs a finishing and refinishing business in Cleveland, Ohio.
Additional Information
About No
Issue Number No
Publication Year 2010
Photos 175 color photographs
Drawings and 4 drawings. DVD is 55 minutes.
Other Formats 77836
Isbn 978-1-60085-092-9
Author Jeff Jewitt
Dimensions 9 3/16 x 10 7/8
Pages 128
Toc Chapter 1: Where to spray
A range of choices
The right environment for spraying
Making your own spray booth
Building a knockdown spray booth

Chapter 2: Equipment
Turbines and compressors
Spray guns
Choosing the right system

Chapter 3: Setup
Setting up a compressor system
Setting up a turbine system
Air pressure setup with a compressor
Basic turbine setup

Chapter 4: Spray gun basics
Getting to know your spray gun
Essential accessories
Changing a nozzle set
Measuring viscosity
Adjusting the fluid and fan controls
Using a wet mil gauge

Chapter 5: Basic spray techniques
Strategies for spraying different types of surfaces
Spraying flat surfaces
Spraying vertical surfaces
Spraying interiors
Spraying complicated projects
Spraying both sides with a nail board

Chapter 6: Spraying clear finishes
Types of clear finishes
Spraying lacquer sanding sealer
Basic solvent-borne lacquer finish
Spraying shellac
Spraying waterborne finish

Chapter 7: Spraying paint
Types of paints
Surface preparation
Patching and puttying
Choosing and thinning paint
The basics of spraying paint
Thinning latex paint
Priming with shellac
Filling imperfections
Spraying latex paint

Chapter 8: Special techniques
Spraying stains
Spraying a wiping stain
Spraying a no-wipe dye stain
Making a toner
Overall toning
Selective toning

Chapter 9: Cleanup
and troubleshooting
Cleaning up
Finish problems
Gun cleaning between different finishes
Gun cleaning at the end of the day
Problem solving and maintenance cleaning

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Spray Finishing Made Simple

  • by Jeff Jewitt
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