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  • Fine Gardening Pocket Gardens

From little spaces come big, tasty harvests. Love the idea of growing your own fruits, herbs, and vegetables but don't think you have the space? Think again. You can grow your own in the tiniest of spaces and Fine Gardening Pocket Gardens is about to show you how! This collection of the best of the best from the editors of Fine Gardening magazine teaches you the most popular design ideas and easy planting solutions for creating gardens with less dirt and less square footage than you ever imagined. From high yielding, small-space vegetable gardens to decorative small-spaces that appear larger than they are by making the best use of the landscape, this primer covers it all. It's packed with 250 design ideas encompassing small herb, flower, vegetable, and mixed gardens. You'll also find eye-catching small garden designs, advice on choosing the best plants for your space and locale, strategies for keeping plants healthy and lush in cramped environments, plus tons of photographs to inspire—325 in all!

Houses, apartments, townhouses, condos, country dwellers, city slickers_— no matter where you reside, you can get great results in your garden. For experienced gardeners and beginners alike, this is the perfect reference for cultivating decorative and edible plants in limited square-footage. You'll even learn how to plant or improve beds and borders, even tiny ones, to add curb appeal and value to your property.

Here are just a few of the topics you'll gain expertise on:

  • Choosing the best fertilizer and soil mix
  • Proper watering and composting for maximum growth
  • Finding space for veggies such as chili peppers, peas, corn, and squash
  • Building raised beds and a bamboo trellis
  • Turning a useless slope into a luscious garden
  • And so much more!

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Additional Information
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Issue Number No
Cover 138
Publication Year 2014
Photos 325
Drawings 20
Other Formats 77672
Isbn 978-1-62113-794-8
Author Editors of Fine Gardening
Dimensions 8 1/2 x 10 7/8
Pages 208
Format Paperback

Part 1: Basics
Fertilizing Basics
By Sandra Gorry
With sidebarThe Scoop of Fertilizer Ingredients (chart)
By Jeff Gillman

Choosing the Right Soilless Mix
By Jim Garner

FEATURE: More Compost, Less Work
By Fred Pappalardo

Water Wisely with Drip Irrigation
By T. A Johnson

Direct-Sowing Made Easy
By Jennifer Benner

Maximize Your Harvest
By Pamela Bird

Crop Rotation for Any Garden
By Cynthia Hizer

Big Production in a Small Garden
By Peter Garnham

FEATURE: How to Prune to Keep a Tree Small
By Janet Macunovich

Part 2: Edible Gardens
Garnish Your Garden with Edibles
By Nancy J. Ondra
With sidebar Good Bedfellows
By Reita Jackson

Front Yard Veggies
By Darcy Daniels
With sidebar Give Plantings a Vertical Lift
By Jennifer Bartley

Finding Space for Veggies
By Sarah Bush
With sidebar The Best Container Vegetables (chart)
By Sylvia Thompson

Build Your Own Raised Beds
By Linda Chisari
With sidebar Do the Materials Matter when Constructing a Raised Bed?
By Jeff Gillman

FEATURE: Build a Bamboo Trellis
By Michelle Gervais

Chile Peppers in Pots
By Amy Goldman

Low-Growing Peas
By Ron Clancy

Corn Isn't Just for Farmers
By Jo Ann Gardner

Winter Squash for Tight Quarters
By Glenn Drowns
With sidebar Grow them up instead of out
By Patti Moreno

Part 3. Decorative Gardens
Design Ideas for a Small Space
By Rebecca Sams

Making the Most of a Small Space
By Jennie Hammill

A Small-Space Solution
By Daryl Beyers

Make a Small Space Feel Bigger
By Keith Davitt

FEATURE: Have a Small Space? Design on the Diagonal
By Billy Goodnick

A Garden of Several Courses
By Lucinda Hutson

A Backyard Makeover
By Jeffrey Bale

A Lush Garden on the Rocks
By Steve Biskey and Mark Watters

From a Useless Slope to a Luscious Garden
By Erin Ray

A Dynamic Design for a Garden Passageway
By Scott Endres

FEATURE: Mocking It Up Lets You Test Your Ideas
By Julie Moir Messervy

Designing with Dwarf Conifers
By Melinda Myers

No Pond, No Problem
By Greg Speichert
With sidebar The Truth about Mosquitoes
By John Bueglas

Designer Secrets for Over-the-Top Pots
By Todd Holloway
With sidebar 15 More Perennials that Shine in Pots
By Christine Froelich

Part 4: Plant Encyclopedia
Suggested small-space plants:
Trees & Shrubs

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Fine Gardening Pocket Gardens

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