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  • Bungalow Style
Whether renovating, restoring, expanding, or building new, we all share a longing for the values that hark back to the Arts and Crafts era. The lush woodwork, ingenious open plans, and fine finish details are symbolic of a time gone by. Or are they? As Treena Crochet amply illustrates in Bungalow Style, recreating the beauty of these Arts and Crafts gems without sacrificing our modern lifestyles is not only feasible but also deeply rewarding.

Over 300 photographs offer a host of ideas, while case studies and sidebars show real-world examples and offer advice on how to incorporate period-authentic details in your own home. This extensive collection of beautifully photographed interior architectural elements is an indispensable source of information and inspiration for anyone interested in these special homes.

About the author
Award-winning author Treena Crochet is president of A Matter of Style, Ltd., a Boston-based interior design firm. Her company specializes in historic restoration work providing clients with historically appropriate interior solutions for modern living.

A professor for 20 years, Treena has taught interior design courses in the U.S. and Middle East focusing on architectural and furniture history and historic preservation. Her first book, Designers Guide to Furniture Styles, received the Joel Polsky prize from the American Society of Interior Designers. Treena lives in the White Mountain region of New Hampshire, where she is restoring her own rare, brick Cape built in 1840.
Additional Information
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Issue Number No
Cover 132
Publication Year 2005
Photos color photos
Drawings and drawings
Isbn 978-1-56158-623-3
Author Treena Crochet
Dimensions 9-3/16 x 10-7/8
Pages 192
Format Hardcover
Toc Introduction

1. What Style Is Your Home?

Craftsman Style
Prairie Style
Mission Style
Architectural Hallmarks
Interior Details

2. Woodwork
Built-in Furniture

3. Interior Details
Wall Treatments
Arts and Crafts Color

4. Finding and Creating Space
Special Spaces

5. Todays Classic Interior
Classic Climate Control



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Intro Why re-create classic interiors?

Theres something special about living in a home thats more than simply old. In fact, few experiences are as gratifying as owning a piece of history and returning it to its former beauty. Even if you never literally strap on the tool belt, actively participating in the various stages of planning, research, and rebuilding allows you to feel much more connected to your home.

On a practical level, bringing harmony to your homes historical style simply looks better. Done right, its a tremendous boost in your real-estate investment, increasing not only the value of your home but also likely improving your neighborhood, too. In the end, seeing the final result of your hard work and determination is the greatest reward.

Houses in the Arts and Crafts and Bungalow styles, whether historic or newly built, transport us back to a simpler time. Life today is hectic and complicated -- it only makes sense that we yearn for the good old days. Arts and Crafts and Bungalow-style houses, which date from the late 1800s to around 1930, are precious symbols of Americas growth and prosperity.

Renovating these romantic gems -- or building one new -- presents its own set of challenges, both physical and mental. The layout and amenities of Arts and Crafts and Bungalow homes are often outdated for the American family in the twenty-first century. For example, most Bungalows have just one bathroom, which is not enough for the way we live. And many of us are more comfortable with an eat-in kitchen, preferably combined with a family room. In a classic Bungalow- or Arts and Crafts style home, this layout doesnt exist.

On the mental side of the equation, many homeowners are daunted by the idea of taking on such a monumental project. As an interior designer, I get asked all the time, How can I restore my house to its pristine roots without giving up modern conveniences? The answer is not an easy one. Whole books, magazines, and cable-network shows are dedicated to the topic.

But as I tell my clients, no matter what the situation, there is always a solution. The most important step is uncovering the homes original bones. Then begins the planning process, where its important to take into consideration the scope of work, budgetary constraints, time commitment, and finding the right specialists to carry out the work. Of course, new homes built in these styles present their own challenges.

This book is meant to be used as a guide. Here, youll find the ideas and tools to make smart decisions about undertaking such a project with sensitivity to your homes historic character. In the following chapters, youll find plenty of inspiring restorations, renovations, and new homes that run the gamut from the near-museum-quality authentic to the more mainstream to the very grand. Ill begin by identifying and illustrating the major architectural hallmarks of the Arts and Crafts and Bungalow styles. Next, Ill discuss exterior and interior features most characteristic of the period, from rooflines and window placement to decorative details. Chapter 2 offers an in-depth look at woodwork typical of the Arts and Crafts period. In chapter 3, Ill cover more interior details, focusing on wall treatments and color schemes and also how to treat ceilings and floors.

The final chapters examine updating these precious gems of history for modern living. Finding and Creating Space (chapter 4) looks at how to creatively expand or redesign your Arts and Crafts or Bungalow-style home, for example, by reconfiguring a bathroom space or adding on to a modern kitchen. The last chapter examines how to create a classic interior, integrating modern amenities such as heating and cooling systems and lighting.

Throughout the book, youll find inspiring case studies that offer real-life solutions to updating and renovating questions. Whether you are renovating or building a new home in an old style, its my hope that this book will enlighten you about how to enjoy your vintage -- or vintage-style -- home while living in the twenty-first century.

Bungalow Style

  • by Treena Crochet
  • Hardcover
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