Tune Up Your Tools

Tune Up Your Tools

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Get more from the tools you already own

From the editors of Fine Woodworking

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  • Product # 017019
  • Type Softcover magazine
  • Published Date 2011

Even your oldest tools can work like new. Before replacing tools, be sure you’re getting the most from them – and improving their efficiency – with Tune Up Your Tools from Fine Woodworking.

Our best advice for hand and power tools. Here, in one convenient place, you’ll learn how to sharpen, recondition, and care for all the tools in your workshop — both hand tools and power tools. With our step-by-step guidance, you’ll be amazed at the improved results you get – and how you can turn a bargain-basement “find” into a top performer.

Plus – learn how to keep major machinery humming. Work better and more safely because now there’s no guesswork when you’re setting up and maintaining big-ticket tools. We walk you through the five steps to better bandsawing, how to keep your table saw working perfectly, and tuning up your mortiser. And you’ll also know when your tools and machinery need attention.

Improve your work. Love your tools. This special issue is worth every penny because, what you save on replacing tools, you can put toward those projects you’ve been wanting to do.

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