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Trim Made Simple Book and DVD Guide

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Includes companion step-by-step video

Gary Katz

Paperback & DVD

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  • Product # 071227
  • Type Paperback & DVD
  • ISBN 978-1-60085-054-7
  • Published Date 2009
  • Dimensions 9 3/16 x 10 7/8
  • Pages 112
  • Photos 337 photographs
  • Drawings and 10 drawings

For any homeowner -- even a beginner -- here's a great way to learn everything you need to install professional looking trim.

This integrated set combines a 30-minute DVD and a companion guidebook with step-by-step instructions. The perfect way to pick up all the tips and techniques you need -- and watch real life demonstrations that show you precisely how each procedure should be done.

Gary Katz, the country's leading authority on trim carpentry, takes you through all the basic procedures in his video tutorials -- all presented with great clarity and precision.

You'll see how to case a door and a window. And how to install baseboard, chair rail and crown molding. You can follow along in the companion book to reinforce everything you've seen -- with photos and instructions for every step in the process.

As a bonus project, Katz shows you how to build your own miter saw workstation. A useful resource for doing all kinds of trim carpentry. And a great way to practice new skills.

With all the practical advice this valuable set provides, you can master everything it takes to transform a plain vanilla room into something really special.


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Table of Contents
Chapter One: An Introduction to Craftsmanship

Chapter Two: Make A Miter Saw Work Station

Chapter Three: Trimming Doors

Chapter Four: Casing Windows

Chapter Five: Baseboard

Chapter Six: Chair Rail & Wainscoting

Chapter Seven: Crown Molding
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