Tiling Countertops DVD

Tiling Countertops DVD

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Get Traditional Results with Modern Materials

Michael Byrne


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  • Product # 061045
  • Type DVD
  • ISBN 978-1-56158-908-1
  • Length 65 minutes
Ceramic-tile countertops can be as attractive as they are practical. And a small countertop is the perfect introduction to the techniques of tiling. With a bathroom as his job site, professional tilesetter Michael Byrne demonstrates how to get traditional results with modern materials. You'll learn how to work with both backer-board and mortar-bed substrates, how to trim tile around a sink, and how to detail your countertop for a clean, crisp look.

If this is your first go at tilesetting, Byrne gives you the confidence to see the job through. If you're an experienced tilesetter, you'll find this tape full of new ideas to bring to your next tile job.

By watching Byrne, you'll learn how to:
  • lay out tile for an orderly appearance in any shaped space
  • determine the proper consistency and coverage for thinset
  • cut tile, using a snap cutter, biters and a wet saw
  • finish a grout job that requires no next-day scrubbing
See the companion videos, Tiling Floors and Tiling Walls and the companion book, Setting Tile. Page numbers from the book are keyed to the screen so you can refer back for more information.
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