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TH 183 Cover

183 February / March 2016

Finishing Knits; Make Your Own Shapewear; A Fresh Way to Fit a Sleeve; Twin-Needle Stitching; Better Pressing; Sew a Travel Wardrobe
Item Number: THR160301
TH182 Cover

182 December / January 2016

Design a Rolled Collar; Pleat to Measure; The Ease Effect; Faux Fur Collar & Cuffs; Make It With Wool; Add a Sleeve Vent; Great Gifts
Item Number: THR160101

181 October / November 2015

Three Ways to Match Prints; The View Within; Hem a Pleated Skirt; Essential Measuring Points; Fall Sewing Inspiration; Japanese Patterns
Item Number: THR151101
TH 180

180 August / September 2015

Mixing Patterns; Hong Kong Shopping Smarts; Comfortable, Sleek Pants; Delicious Blouse Details; The Fortuny Legacy; Duplicate Your Favorite Jeans
Item Number: THR150901
TH 179

179 June / July 2015

Zipper Secrets; Foolproof Skirt Fitting; Button Strip; Custom Bust Fit; How to Use a Ruffler; The Collon Call
Item Number: THR150701
TH 178

178 April / May 2015

Spring Fashion Forecast; Prepare Patterns For Fit; Skirts That Flatter; The New Power Suit; Drawn Threads; Custom Panties
Item Number: THR150501
T177 Cover

177 February / March 2015

Explore Felting; Copy the Armscye; Shirt Cuts; Plaid Ambition; Threads Bars and Chains; Fix Fit with tucks; Designs of Downton Abbey
Item Number: THR150301
176 Cover

176 December / January 2015

Knit Know-How; The Shoulder and Sleeve Cure; Embellish with Beetle Wings; Preserve Your Precious Fabrics; Secure a Coat Lining; Make It With Wool 2014; Align Stripes
Item Number: THR150101
TH 175

175 October / November 2014

Fall Fashion Preview; 14 Creative Ways to Finishing a Shirt; Couture Lace Skirt Step-By-Step; Weave Custom Trims with Simple Looms; Perfectly Self-Fit Your Pants
Item Number: THR141101
TH 174

174 August / September 2014

Salvage Your Selvages; Pattern-Grading Basics; Hand-Sew with Silamide; High-End Elements; Create a Foam-Cup Bra; An Unexposed Zipper; Sewing Destination: New York City
Item Number: THR140901
TH 173

173 June / July 2014

Ombre Visions; The Figure-eight Stitch; Precision Collar Band; ASDP Challenge: Inspired Sleeves; Tyvek in Fashion; Where Is My Waist?; Sculpt with Pleats
Item Number: THR140701

172 April / May 2014

The Lapel Vanishes; Border Crossing; Illuminating Spaces; Spring Focus; Sheer Perfection; Abstract Piecework
Item Number: THR140501
TH 171

171 February / March 2014

Radical Free Draping, Hair Apparent, Altering Home-sewn Garments, Great Books, Zipper by Machine, Sewing Destination: Twin Cities
Item Number: THR140301

170 December / January 2014

Sew a Classic Sheath Dress; Linton Tweeds; Add a Princess Seam; Kimono; Care for Your Closet; Make It With Wool
Item Number: THR140101
TH 169

169 October / November 2013

Autumn Preview; Opulent Fabrics; Reshape a Neckline; Why Bother Sewing Jeans?; Make Your Own Heirloom Buttons; Fit a Forward Shoulder
Item Number: THR131101
threads 168

168 August / September 2013

Perfect the Wrap Dress; A Great New Way to Fit Trousers; The Ebony Fashion Fair; Variations on a Seam; Fabric Selection Secrets; Fastenings Go Undercover.
Item Number: THR130901
th 13 cover

167 June / July 2013

Lightweight Knits; The Sleeve-Cap Seam and the Armscye; Sewing Destination: Paris, France; Designer Details; Penn & Fletcher.
Item Number: THR130701
TH 166 Cover

166 April / May 2013

Spring Ahead; A Better Collar; Saving Lace; Bias Pants; 3 Vintage Presser Feet; Padded Seams; The Innovative Lace Challenge
Item Number: THR130501
3_2013 Cover

165 February/March 2013

Exceptional Interfacings; DIY Fabric Design; Build a Better Waistband; Sewing Destination: Los Angeles; The Canvas Coat Front; Pattern-Drafting Primer
Item Number: THR130301
TH 164

164 December / January 2013

Material Mix, Just Add Sleeves, Make It With Wool, Better Sewing Habits, Suited to Return, Inside Dior
Item Number: THR130101
October/November 2012

163 October/November 2012

Peplum Perfection, Sewing Machine Maintenance, Sewing with Handwoven Fabrics, Print-Matching Tucks, Scale It Down, Fall Fashion, Sew Independent
Item Number: THR121101
August/September 2012

162 August/September 2012

Elegant Exposed Zipper, Get the Ideal Silhouette, Tailored Trousers, The Mesh Butterfly Challenge, Industry Guide to Sewing Order, Alexander McQueen
Item Number: THR120901
June/July 2012

161 June/July 2012

Engineered Stripes; Summer Sewing Project: Bias Skirt; Sewing Destination: London, England; Fit for Everyone; Precision Placket; Stabilizing Tapes; Tissue-Weight Wovens
Item Number: THR120701
April/May 2012

160 April/May 2012

Sophisticated Deconstruction; No-Waste Designs; Tailoring Principle; Spring into Fashion; Bound for Beauty; Garment Industry Secrets; One Pattern, Endless Options
Item Number: THR120501
February/March 2012

159 February/March 2012

Couture Construction, Modern Machines, Artistry by the Strip, Bra-Making Basics, Charles James, Sew Frugal, Sewing Spaces that Work
Item Number: THR120301
December 2011/January 2012

158 December 2011/January 2012

Bias Exposed, Dart Design, Restyle Unworn Garments, Pocket Support, Collared and Cuffed, Make It With Wool 2011, The Koos Loop
Item Number: THR120101
October/November 2011

157 October/November 2011

The Cover Stitch, Fall for Fashion, Hand-Embroidered Understitching, Bias Half Lining, Lace Edges, Easy-to-Alter Waistline, Behind the Scenes at the Metropolitan Opera
Item Number: THR111101
August/September 2011

156 August/September 2011

Top-Drawer Shirts, Sew Invisible Zippers Like a Pro, Fancy Knits, Misadventures in Sewing, Add a Gusset to a Sew-In Sleeve, collage Clutch, Balenciaga: Meet the Father of Modern Fashion
Item Number: THR110901
June/July 2011

155 June/July 2011

Create a Carefree Summer Wardrobe, Vintage Details, When Hong Kong Finishes Wave, Bye-bye Biceps Blues, Flatlock for Fashioin, Sewing Destinations: Vancouver, Zero Waste
Item Number: THR110701
April/May 2011

154 April/May 2011

One Dress, Four Ways; Underlining Principles; Make a Press-Cloth Wardrobe; Back to Side Zip; Watch Your Waist; Sheer Magic; Pattern Challenge
Item Number: THR110501
February/March 2011

153 February/March 2011

Slow Sewing, Gusset Solution, Mini Shibori, Millinery Marvels, Lap and Appliqué Seams, Channel Your Creative Energy, Silk Thread Demystified
Item Number: THR110301
December 2010/January 2011

152 December 2010/January 2011

3-D Appliqué; No Topstitching Required; A Cozy, Removable Lining; Unconventional Sewing Tools; Double Take; Convertible Top; Make it with Wool
Item Number: THR110101
October/November 2010

151 October/November 2010

Coco's Cuffs, 25 Years of Change, Light Cotuure, Muslin Refined, Cut to Order, Edgy Alternatives, Fitting Knits
Item Number: THR101101
August/September 2010

150 August/September 2010

Lace Adornment, Ergonomic Sewing, Gender Bender, Valentina, Flat Feet, Fitting a Sleeveless Garment, Custom Clutch
Item Number: THR100901
June/July 2010

149 June/July 2010

One Pant, Five Looks; Vintage Presser Feet; Turn Ribbons into Blossoms; Better Basics; Fitting Over Layers; Texture, Sparkle, Detail; No Waste Allowed
Item Number: THR100701
$6.99 $3.50
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April/May 2010

148 April/May 2010

Seams on Stage, A Chic Cardigan Jacket, Make Your Mark, Fine-tune a Bodice Front, Lace by Machine, Sew Fashionable Rainwear, Develop an Eye for Color
Item Number: THR100501
$6.99 $3.50
You save 50%
February/March 2010

147 February/March 2010

New Jersey, Half-Scale Reprisal, Vionnet: Master Geometrician, Get the Edge, Fabric Shopping on the Internet, A New Approach to Fitting, Channel Your Inner Designer 
Item Number: THR100301
$6.99 $3.50
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Out of stock

December 2009/January 2010

146 December 2009/January 2010

Designer Denim, Fitting Tips from the Pros, All the Trimmings, Marimekko Godets, The Magic of Nuno Felting, Take It to the Cleaners 
Item Number: THR100101
$6.99 $3.50
You save 50%
August/September 2009

144 August/September 2009

Making Thread; Shirring, Ruching and Ruffles (Oh My!); A Moveable Waist; Well-Vested; Keep Your Balance; Custom Covered Shoes
Item Number: THR090901
$6.99 $3.50
You save 50%
June/July 2009

143 June/July 2009

Piece Accord, Playing doubles, Get Biased, Improve the Bottom Line, Living on the Edge, Homage to Yves Saint Laurent
Item Number: THR090701
$6.99 $3.50
You save 50%
April/May 2009

142 April/May 2009

Find Your Fit, Full and Fabulous, Stick Your Neck Out, Add a Bust Dart, Splicing Knits, Coming Up Roses
Item Number: THR090501
$6.99 $3.50
You save 50%
December 2008/January 2009

140 December 2008/January 2009

Designer Challenge, Part 1: Shirt Tales; Velvet Indulgence; Coat Check; Tools for Tight Places; Line Only the Sleeve; Get in the Groove; Sewing Haiku
Item Number: THR090101
$6.99 $3.50
You save 50%
October/November 2008

139 October/November 2008

For the Love of Buttons; Gussets in Facings; Treat, Store, and Treasure It; For a Personalized Fit, Grade It!; Behind the Seams at Chado Ralph Rucci; Sewing Salvation
Item Number: THR081101
$6.99 $3.50
You save 50%
August/September 2008

138 August/September 2008

Material World, Sleek and Slim Tailored Details, No-Nonsense Flexible Waist Finishes, Sheer Fabric Touches, Use Your Sloper to Finish Your Shirt, Sew Green
Item Number: THR080901
$6.99 $3.50
You save 50%
June/July 2008

137 June/July 2008

The Server Sews, 3 Quick to Make Projects, Tailor a Brush Fringe Edge, From Sloper to Shirt (Part 1), Fashion Squared
Item Number: THR080701
$6.99 $3.50
You save 50%
April/May 2008

136 April/May 2008

Why Make Your Own Jeans?, Backstage at the Opera, The Inside Scoop on Hollywood Waists, Revisit Retro Details, Tailoring: Hot Pocket, Get Biased, At the Cirque
Item Number: THR080501
$6.99 $3.50
You save 50%
February/March 2008

135 February/March 2008

Little Black Dress from Start to Finish; Create Couture Lingerie; You Say Underlining, I Say Interlining; Sleeves on the Bias; Les Satellites; Close-Up with Charles Kleibacker
Item Number: THR080301
$6.99 $3.50
You save 50%
December 2007/January 2008

134 December 2007/January 2008

Mad for Plaid, Let Your Feet Guide the Way, Hit Your Mark with Darts, Mix and Match with Domino Design, Click and Fit, The Best-Fitting Pants Ever
Item Number: THR080101
$6.99 $3.50
You save 50%
October/November 2007 Threads

133 October/November 2007 Threads

A Figure-Flattering Tee, Snoop Shopping, Knock Off Your Favorite Pants, Design Your Own Skirt, Paper Garments Guide Your Sewing, Get Great Style at Any Age
Item Number: THR071101
$6.99 $3.50
You save 50%
August/September 2007 Threads

132 August/September 2007 Threads

Rejuvenate Your Beloved Garments, Go from Dowdy to Wow, Drape a Skirt Sloper, Working with Vintage Patterns, Ready for My Close-Up, Capture the Essence of a Designer Coat, 10 Timeless Details
Item Number: THR070901
$6.99 $3.50
You save 50%
June/July 2007 Threads

131 June/July 2007 Threads

Take the Plunge, Go against the Grain, From Couches to Coats!, Get the Skinny on Pants Fabric, Taming Jersey Knits, Add a Sleeve to Your Bodice
Item Number: THR070701
$6.99 $3.50
You save 50%
April/ May 2007 Threads

130 April/ May 2007 Threads

The Perfect Little Black Dress, 25 Cool Sewing Supplies, The Graceful Funnel Collar, Try Plus-Size Draping -- For the Best Bodice Ever, Make It Designer, Art DartsThe Perfect Little Black Dress, 25 Cool Sewing Supplies, The Graceful Funnel Collar, Try Plus-Size Draping -- For the Best Bodice Ever, Make It Designer, Art Darts
Item Number: THR070501
$6.99 $3.50
You save 50%
February/March 2007 Threads

129 February/March 2007 Threads

Go Faux!; Altering Patterns for the Well-Endowed; No Pattern Required; Copy Your Garments with Precision; It's a Wrap: Custom-covered Belts; Inspired by Japanese Crests; Cut Up Patterns and Add Seams
Item Number: THR070301
$6.99 $3.50
You save 50%
December 2006/ January 2007 Threads

128 December 2006/ January 2007 Threads

Quick to Make: 3 Giftworthy Projects; Shortcuts to a Designer Jacket; Top-Shelf Fabric: Worth Its Weight in Gold; Foolproof Fly Zipper; By the Seat of the Pants; The Secret to Slinky Knits; Choose an Iron the Way the Experts Do
Item Number: THR070101
$6.99 $3.50
You save 50%
October/November 2006 Threads

127 October/November 2006 Threads

An Exposé on Deconstructed Seams; Handle Your Hands with Care; 25 Ways to Achieve Sewing Zen; Sew Transparent: Sheer Prints Take Shape; Sheer Sewing: Let's Be Clear; Two Vintage Twists on One Classic Skirt; Denim Details; For a Great Fit, Start at the Shoulder
Item Number: THR061101
$6.99 $3.50
You save 50%
August/ September 2006 Threads

126 August/ September 2006 Threads

Expert Techniques for Finishing Stretch Knits, Pressing Matters, Pintucks Go Modern, Fitting to Flatter the Midsection, Grommets: Set 'em Straight, Take a Fresh Look at Patchwork
Item Number: THR060901
$6.99 $3.50
You save 50%
June/July 2006 Threads

125 June/July 2006 Threads

Easy, Breezy Summer Sewing; Fix Your Patterns Before You Sew; Linings: The Inside Scoop; Inspire a New Sewer Today!; Discover the Best Proportions and Styles for You; Achieve Effortless Heirloom Effects; Frill Seekers
Item Number: THR060701
$6.99 $3.50
You save 50%
April/ May 2006 Threads

124 April/ May 2006 Threads

Amazing Lace, the Secret Strength of Silk Organza, Build a Better Bust, Hardware Makes the Handbag, Decorative Wide Hems, Be Your Own Designer
Item Number: THR060501
$6.99 $3.50
You save 50%
February/ March 2006 Threads

123 February/ March 2006 Threads

The Dress Form: A Sewer's Best Friend; Updated Jeans Jackets; Fit the Tissue and Get Sewing Sooner; Two Ways to Sew a Dart; Sew Sweater Knits with Confidence; Make Fabric from Scratch; Reversible Techniques for Double Cloth
Item Number: THR060301
$6.99 $3.50
You save 50%
December 2005/ January 2006 Threads

122 December 2005/ January 2006 Threads

Adjusting Pants from Waist to Seat, for Your Next Garment...Try Industry Seam Allowances, Rotary Cutters and Mats, Batting for Quilted Garments, What to Do When the Fabric Runs Short, No Fear Welt Pockets
Item Number: THR060101
$6.99 $3.50
You save 50%
August/ September 2005 Threads

120 August/ September 2005 Threads

A Pin for Every Purpose; Design a Chic, Flowing Skirt with Fabric Strips; Drivers' Ed for Sewing Machines; Ripple-Free Piping Can't Be Rushed; Sew Clothes That Keep On Fitting; Quick to Make Projects; Make a Pattern from Ready-to-Wear; Online Fabric Shopping
Item Number: THR050901
$6.99 $3.50
You save 50%
June/ July 2005 Threads

119 June/ July 2005 Threads

To Fit Pants, Start At the Waist; Our Tips Will Streamline Your Sewing Space; The Amazing Disappearing Zipper; Pattern Review: The Best New Styles to Sew; Edgy Jackets; Hairline Seams Give a Delicate Couture Finish; One Pattern... Three V-Necks
Item Number: THR050701
$6.99 $3.50
You save 50%
April/ May 2005 Threads

118 April/ May 2005 Threads

New Rules for Large Prints; Wash Your Stash; How to Fit a Perfect Sleeve; To Broaden Your Fashion Horizons, Try International Patterns; An Elegant Collar On the Bias; Belt Styles That Are a Cinch to Make; A Modern Twist On a Tailored Hem;
Item Number: THR050501
$6.99 $3.50
You save 50%
February/ March 2005 Threads

117 February/ March 2005 Threads

For Waistbands, It's What's Inside That Counts; These Pleats Are Made for Walking; To Get the Right Armhole, Fit the Bodice; Sewing Without Instructions; Covered Buttons, Mild to Wild; Terrific Finishing Tips from the Pros; Simple, Sophisticated, and Designed By You
Item Number: THR050301
$6.99 $3.50
You save 50%
December 2004/ January 2005 Threads

116 December 2004/ January 2005 Threads

For Flair and Finesse, Turn Facings Face Out; Winter Fashion Report: The Best Styles to Sew; Three Smart Approaches to Bias Pants; 35 Secrets for Successful Velvet Sewing; To Fit Your Body, Measure Your Clothes; Finish Sheers with a Flourish
Item Number: THR050101
$6.99 $3.50
You save 50%
October/ November 2004 Threads

115 October/ November 2004 Threads

5 Design Options for Replacing Darts; Negative Printing Techniques; Stuck On Skirt Fitting? Duct Tape Makes a Great Pattern; Elastic Fact File; Machine Hemstitching: A Double-Duty Finish; Key Turning Points for Lining By Machine; Fabrications: Stylish Design Ideas for a Classic Coat
Item Number: THR041101
$6.99 $3.50
You save 50%
August/ September 2004 Threads

114 August/ September 2004 Threads

Fabrications: Expand the Potential of a Smart Little Vest; Match Stripes -- or Don't -- for Dynamic Designs; The Ultimate Guide to Sewing Pull-on Knit Pants; Turn Knitting into Lace -- by Machine; 5 Steps to a Perfect Slacks Pattern; Thread Essentials; Reshaping a Shawl Collar
Item Number: THR040901
$6.99 $3.50
You save 50%
June/ July 2004 Threads

113 June/ July 2004 Threads

Exploring Chinese Silk-Faced Brocades, 8 Reasons to Remove Your Pattern Seam Allowances, Summer Fashion Report: The Best Styles to Sew, Add Style with Graphic Fabric Insertions, Fabrications: Variations On a Classic Shirt Dress, It's Easy to Make a Multisize Pattern Larger Or Smaller Than Its Printed Range, Creating a Designer Knockoff
Item Number: THR040701
$6.99 $3.50
You save 50%
April/ May 2004 Threads

112 April/ May 2004 Threads

Fabrications: A Versatile Wrap-Front Top, An Easy Hidden-Button Placket, Dream Machines, How to Measure a Pattern to Assess Its Fit, to Make Colorful Striped Fabric Take Your Cues from Quilters, Draping Necklines On Commercial Patterns, Playing with Design: Waistlines, Four Fast Serger Finishes for Sportswear
Item Number: THR040501
$6.99 $3.50
You save 50%
February/ March  2004 Threads

111 February/ March 2004 Threads

Everyone Can Have Jeans that Fit, The Magic Yoke, Measuring and Marking Tools, Crushed Velvet: A Do-It-Yourself Guide, Line and Underline in One Step, How to Sew with Boutis Provenal, 46 Tips for Sewing Special-Occasion Garments, Fabric Floribundas, Skirt Godets Make Sleek Hemlines Swing
Item Number: THR040301
$6.99 $3.50
You save 50%
December 2003/ January 2004 Threads

110 December 2003/ January 2004 Threads

The Shawl Collar Revealed; Flat, Flattering Elastic Waistbands; Designer Shopping Strategy: Buy Fabric in Groups of Three; Best Bets in Fall/Winter Patterns; Paint a Fast Finish; Three Way to Make Ends Meet; Convert, Combine, and Rearrange Digitized Motifs; Playing with Design: Straight Skirts; Tuck Fabric on a Grid to Create Airy Texture; Elegant Velvet Appliqu
Item Number: THR040101
$6.99 $3.50
You save 50%
October/ November 2003 Threads

109 October/ November 2003 Threads

Pick Patterns that Fit Your Figure; Boning Up on Bustiers; Add Hand Embellishment to Digitized Designs; Slipcovers, Part Three; Poised to Stretch; Soft Satin-Stitch Appliqu; What's to Know about Zippers?; Two Takes on Felting Wool Jersey
Item Number: THR031101
$6.99 $3.50
You save 50%
August/ September 2003 Threads

108 August/ September 2003 Threads

From T-shirt to Twin Set, Designing Hawaiian Appliqu Without the Tropics, What Kind of Serger is Right for You?, Making Ottomans, Introducing Kenneth D. King: Master of Ornate Couture, Repeat and Reverse Embellishments, Vintage-Style Sweater Embroidery by Machine, Where Lining Meets Facing, Fringe Benefits
Item Number: THR030901
$6.99 $3.50
You save 50%
June/ July 2003 Threads

107 June/ July 2003 Threads

A New Twist On Bias Layouts, Successful Machine Embroidery On Any Fabric, Embossed Slinky Knits, Best Bets in Spring/Summer Patterns, Sewing for the Great Outdoors, the S-Dart Advantage, On Fitting Sleeves, Terrific Twin Needle Effects, Art in the Guise of Fashion, a Celebration of West African Fabrics
Item Number: THR030701
$6.99 $3.50
You save 50%
April/ May 2003 Threads

106 April/ May 2003 Threads

The Secret to Embroidering Sheers By Machine; How to Take Measurements; Sewing White Fabric; Sheer Seams and Edges; Pattern-Drafting Software; If You See It, Can You Sew It?; Neckline Finishes for Knits; Slipcovers, Part Two; Fear Not the Curve
Item Number: THR030501
$6.99 $3.50
You save 50%
December 2002/ January 2003 Threads

104 December 2002/ January 2003 Threads

A Crazy Workshop, Best Bets in Fall/Winter Patterns, Making a Shearling Coat, Sleuthing the World of Ready-to-Wear, Embroider to Suit, Four Fancy Finishes for Pillow Corners, Eyes On the Hemline, An All-in-One Finish, Light On the Sole
Item Number: THR030101
$6.99 $3.50
You save 50%

Out of stock

October/ November 2002 Threads

103 October/ November 2002 Threads

Fashionably Quilted; In-Seam Buttonholes; Off the Rack and Ready to Embellish; Slipcovers, Part One; Strategies for Sewing -- The Perfect Running Suit; On the Cutting Edge: Lapped Seam Constructioin; Interfacing: The Inside Essential; Double Duty: The Reversible Kimono Coat; Meet Manuel, King of the Cowboy's Closet
Item Number: THR021101
$6.99 $3.50
You save 50%
August/ September 2002 Threads

102 August/ September 2002 Threads

Pairing Vintage and New Fabrics, 8 Ready-to-Wear Tricks for Making Modern Jackets, Detachable Sleeves, Quilting with Kaffe and Liza, 31 Basic Sewing Machines and How to Choose One, How to Read (and Fix) a Wrinkle, Embroidering Borders, The Two-Piece Waistband, Dupioni the Divine
Item Number: THR020901
$6.99 $3.50
You save 50%
June/ July 2002 Threads

101 June/ July 2002 Threads

Blueprinting Fabric, Best Bets in Spring/Summer Patterns, Quilting On a Small Scale, Conquering Inside Corners, Digitizing Doodles, Easy Summery Outdoor Chair Covers, the Art of Hand-Embroidered Monograms, Making Sense of Pattern Grading, Redesigning Pattern Edges
Item Number: THR020701
$6.99 $3.50
You save 50%
April/ May 2002 Threads

100 April/ May 2002 Threads

To Judge a Pattern, Start with Its Cover; Fitted Sheets; Finish It with Fleece Cord; Ribbonry for the Home; Binding Notched Collars; Get Up to Date On Sewing Adhesives; Digitize and Stitch Your Monogram; Draping As a Design Tool; Create a Travel Wardrobe
Item Number: THR020501
$6.99 $3.50
You save 50%

Out of stock

February/ March 2002 Threads

99 February/ March 2002 Threads

The Exquisite Art of Quilting By Machine, Practical and Creative Rescues for Sewing Emergencies, Clone a Favorite Bra, Sewing Jackets from Knits, Three Shortcut Jacket Linings, Design Your Own Cutting Table, Tools for Tassel-Making, Make Custom Trim for Your Garments Or Home, Charles Kleibacker: Brilliance On the Bias, Hands-On with Kleibacker
Item Number: THR020301
$6.99 $3.50
You save 50%

Out of stock

December 2001/ January 2002 Threads

98 December 2001/ January 2002 Threads

Seams in the Spotlight, Mastering the Narrow Hemmer, Best Bets in Fall/Winter Fashion, Lessons from a Turn-of-the-Century Quilt, Celebrate with Bows and Tulle, Making Sense of Stabilizers, Window Treatments with Pleated Headings, Better Machine-Made Buttonholes, Machine-Embroider Allover Lace
Item Number: THR020101
$6.99 $3.50
You save 50%

Out of stock

October/ November 2001 Threads

97 October/ November 2001 Threads

12 Fresh Garment-Industry Tips, Lay Out and Cut Accurately, A New Way to Pleat Fabric, Log Cabin Piecing -- Freestyle, Know Your Knits, Underline with Silk Organza for Invisible Strength, Bobbin Work: When Threads are Too Thick for the Needle, Pillow Forms: What's Inside?, The Interfaced Hem
Item Number: THR011101
$6.99 $3.50
You save 50%
August/ September 2001 Threads

96 August/ September 2001 Threads

Practice Pattern Design On Pocket Flaps, Crazy Patchwork By Machine, Master Class: Introduction to Draping, Classic Leather Pants, Distinctive Window Treatments Start At the Top, Invisible Underlayers, Hand Stitches to Be Proud of, Fabric Printing with a Brayer, Foldout: 25 Best Tips Ever from Threads
Item Number: THR010901
$6.99 $3.50
You save 50%

Out of stock

June/ July 2001 Threads

95 June/ July 2001 Threads

Shadow-Work Embroidery; Making Your Own Custom Pants Firm; Smooth Sewing On Silk Charmeuse; Mitered Corners, Maximum Elegance; Elastic Comfort for Tailored Trousers; 5 Foolproof Bound Buttonholes; Best Bets in Spring/Summer Patterns; Updating Photo-to-Fabric Memory Quilts; Designer Issey Miyake's Winged Skirts
Item Number: THR010701
$6.99 $3.50
You save 50%

Out of stock

December 2000/ January 2001 Threads

92 December 2000/ January 2001 Threads

Abstract Fabric Collage, Best Bets in Fall/Winter Patterns, Take a Pattern to the Max, Making a Muslin, Sequin Smarts, Softly Tailored, One-Seam Trousers; Introducing Decorator Fabrics, Copying Complex Garments, Beginners' Silk-Ribbon Embroidery, Sewing On a Button
Item Number: THR010101
$6.99 $3.50
You save 50%

Out of stock

June/ July 1999 Threads

83 June/ July 1999 Threads

Draft Your Own Sarong Pants, Whole-Cloth Quilting for Garments, the Great Elastic Waistband, a Diaphanous Summer T-Shirt, Armani Jackets: The Inside Story, the Hidden Ruler in Your Machine, Your Sloper As a Fitting Tool (Part Ii), "Unmuddling" Mudcloth
Item Number: THR990701

Out of stock

February/ March 1999 Threads

81 February/ March 1999 Threads

Let It Rain, Perfect Pleats for Every Body, Fabric Lovers Always Carry a Flame, Wool Gauze: Featherweight and Fabulous, Fabric in Bloom, Silk-Ribbon Bobbin Work, a Design Workshop for Free-Motion Embroidery, Sleeve-Cap Design for Hard-to-Ease Fabrics, Shattered Quilts
Item Number: THR990301

Out of stock

December 1998/ January 1999 Threads

80 December 1998/ January 1999 Threads

The Unsweet Ruffle, Wool-Jersey "Cutwork", Upholstery Fabrics for Jackets? You Bet!, Sew Velvet -- Fearlessly!, Think of Pockets As Windows, Claire Mccardell's Revolutionary Ready-to-Wear, Stitching Great Curves, Which Serger Stitch When?, Test-Drive Those Embroidery Machines
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