The New Prayer Shawl Companion

The New Prayer Shawl Companion

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35 knitted patterns to embrace, inspire, & celebrate life

Victoria A. Cole-Galo, Janet Severi Bristow


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  • Published Date 2012
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There’s something extraordinary about a handmade shawl and the sense of warmth, love, and support in which it wraps the wearer, especially during hard times. As our world unravels in various ways, caring circles of knitters are stitching together blessings—in the form of prayer shawls—to send to friends and strangers in need. The New Prayer Shawl Companion, the latest book in the best-selling Prayer Shawl series, supports and inspires these dedicated knitters with a host of new stories and patterns for boundless creativity.

Knitting enthusiasts, both amateur and professional, will embrace the 35 easy-to-follow prayer shawl patterns in the book—some designed for times of celebration, others for solace and remembrance. In addition to clear instructions, each pattern is accompanied by encouraging stories from other crafters, and blessings to knit by. Co-founders of the Prayer Shawl Ministry and lifelong knitters themselves, the authors offer readers bountiful design inspiration, stitching ideas, and patterns for creating beautiful shawls.

Table of Contents
What Is a prayer shawl?
Cheryl Oberle’s Haiku blessings shawl
Sojourner’s shawl
Jean Moss’s pax shawlette
Serra de mira shawl
Two sisters shawl
Irene’s shawl
Annie Modesitt’s max’s tallit
Violets under the snow Shawl
Persephone shawl
Recycled sweater Shawl
City garden shawl
Kristin Spurkland’s simple Shawl
Peaceful textures shawl
Prayer square & prayer pocket
Sarah McFarland’s gentle waves Shawl
Candle of hope shawl
Dover gold star shawl
Kat Coyle’s my heart is with you shawl
Caregiver’s shawl
A splash of color shawl
April Mohr’s pearls of wisdom shawl
Lacy pink shawl
Lady slipper Shawl
Loaves & fishes shawl
Kathleen Taylor’s good luck horseshoe shawl
Wedding shawl
Good wishes for a good marriage shawl
Baptismal prayer blanket
St. Paul cross shawl
Kristen TenDyke’s petrel Shawl
Eyelet hole shawl
Sacred journey shawl
Demure devotion shawl
Chrissy Gardiner’s feather lace shawl

How to Start a Prayer Shawl Ministry
Knitting Abbreviations
Standard Yarn Weights
Metric equivalency chart
Color & symbology
Stitch definitions & special techniques


Take a deep breath, center yourself, and imagine a shawl wrapped over your shoulders and across your chest. Close your eyes and listen to the gentle whisper in your ear—a soft voice telling you to let go and trust that everything will be okay and that you are being held in the loving arms of the Creator and in the heart of a caring knitter. This is how it feels to wear a handmade prayer shawl.

When we first started giving shawls to the people in our lives, the term prayer shawl was mostly associated with the tallit traditionally worn by Jewish men and some women. But over the past decade of the Prayer Shawl Ministry, the term prayer shawl has expanded. Prayer shawls are gifts, lovingly stitched into being by the shawl maker as a part of a spiritual practice. Well wishes, good intentions, and thoughts for the recipient are added into every stitch. Traditionally knitted, prayer shawls are now just as likely to be crocheted, woven, or even quilted—but always lovingly made by hand. The grassroots movement of making shawls for others has expanded the meaning and definition of prayer shawl in our lexicon of words.

The shawls created through the Prayer Shawl Ministry are as diverse as the people who make them. Prayer shawl makers of today can be found in craft stores and yarn shops, oohing and aahing over their materials and discussing what yarns make the best shawls, how many skeins will be needed, and what color might be best for whom. In yarn shops and craft store aisles in North America and around the globe, crafters are bonding and an abundance of spiritual crafting is taking place. Prayer Shawl Ministry groups in North America number in the thousands. Shawl-making groups can be found in every state in the United States. Ministries are located throughout Canada, Australia, England, Central America, the Caribbean, Mexico, Africa, and Europe. And while the majority of groups are affiliated with a faith tradition, shawl makers from all backgrounds and spiritual beliefs are involved in making shawls. They meet in churches, community centers, coffee shops, nursing homes, oncology centers, and in private homes—just about anywhere you can imagine. When the Prayer Shawl Ministry began in 1998, we never dreamed of the places it would go!


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Love for others Review by Ann

There is so much love for others by the makers of these shawls. The stories of each of the people who have submitted Prayer shawls that they have made for others have touched my heart. It is so inspiring to read the reasons for creating these shawls. There are prayers in this book which are so appropriate for gatherings of men and women who feel called to make a shawl for someone in need. This book has shawls for every skill level. Shawls for men and women and children. There is information on how to start a Prayer Shawl Ministry. There is a list of colours, of symbols, numbers, and religious symbols, and their meanings. I wholly recommend this book. Ann Goodwin, Exeter, Ontario, Canada.

(Posted on 9/26/12)

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